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A community is made up of continuously crossing circles
   Front Door Book 2010

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Biker, cool carnie, actor… the evolution of Billy | Villager, NYC 2012
Bonfires to band shell: occupying East Village style | Villager, NYC 2011
Boris Lurie's NO!art Exhibition at Westwood Gallery | mail, NYC 2010
Boris team— clarity | mail, NYC 2007
Brian Butterick remebering | published in Villager, NYC 2019

Captured, a documentary by Clayton Patterson | New Order Magazine NYC, 2009
Chaos theory spinning in a kabal of creative energy ... | catalog, NYC 2006
City regs could make falafel shop tank | Villager, NYC 2017
Clayton Patterson captures Wall Street occupation | Bowery Boogie, NYC 2011
— — responds to Taylor Swift's Welcome to NYC | NYC, August 30, 2014
Claudio, Chris and Coss Marte | Village Sun, NYC 2020
Cochise and the last real street gang of the L.E.S. | Villager, NYC 2012
Comings, goings… and lots of graffiti | Village Sun, NYC 2020
Community Isolation Coming Together | Circular, NYC 2020
Cops were spellbound by idea of magician as killer | Villager, NYC 2012
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Da Falafel Guys survive inspection crunch time | Villager, NYC 2017
Desperate and homeless | mail 2010
Documenting the Tompkins Square riot of ’88 | Villager, NYC 2017
Does the WORLD REALLY belong to TrumP? | Circular mail, NYC 2017
Don't put our pen in his pocket | mail 2010
Don’t take a short-term view of a long-term problem | Villager, NYC 2013
Drugs and Anti-Police Protests | Bowery Boogy, NYC 2020

Earl Einhorn: Making magic with digital art | The Village Sun, NYC 2020
Essex Street Crack Busts in the 1990s | Bowery Boogie, NYC 2020

Fatal Stabbing at key food on Lower East Side | Comment, NYC 2008
Finding Ira Cohen: on the trail of a mystic art icon | Villager, NYC 2012
Forget the politicians; Why Not Care is helping | Villager, NYC 2018
Freaky fun for young refugees | Villager, NYC 2014
From ComFest and Columbus to Soho Zat and back again | Mail, NYC 2012
From NO!art to now - Ai Weiwei, the struggle goes on | Villager, NYC 2011

Generations and Gentrification | Bowery Boogie, NYC 2018
Good guys getting bounced by liquor license politics | Villager, NYC 2013

Hardcore scene is still rocking and rolling | Villager, NYC 2017
Hard-Workin Heroes | Village Sun, NYC 2020
Here's the working class | Villager, NYC 2012
History of the Clayton Gallery | catalog, NYC 2005
Hot Days on the LES | Bowery Boogie, NYC 2016

Is there something going on between J. Deitch and Keith? | March 13, 2010

Jimmy Webb: Rock fashion icon ‘walked on the wild side’ | April 22, 2020

LA II deserves his due | The Village Sun, New York on June 25, 2020
Letter to Varvados | mail 2009
Little background on the wall | mail 2008
Looking back at 9/11 | Villager, NYC 2011

Mickey the Pope and Drugs on the Lower East Side | Bowery Boogie, NYC 2020
Moving along with the6th Acker Awards | Circular, NYC 2012
My guide to the creative world | Villager, NYC 2012
My life among the Mormons | Villager, NYC 2012
My times with Taylor Mead | Villager, NYC 2012

Net pioneer needs help in fight for rights to .nyc | Villager, NYC 2012
NO! NO! NO! Don't destroy Dietmar's NO!art | Villager, NYC 2011

Occupation Wall Street | Captured Blog, NYC 2011
Of Generations and Gentrification | Bowery Boogie, New York 2018
Once the fabricated history has been invented ... | mail 2010
On the Ground at the Trade Center as Towers Fell | The Villager, NYC 2011
On the occasion of the Boris Lurie's show at Westwood Gallery | mail 2010
Opinion: Jaywalking ticket for doing my job | Villager, NYC May 6, 2019
Our chance | mail 2004
Overthrow hits it off with new youth training | Villager, NYC 2019

Paula Grimaldi-Reardon, 65, photographer of tattoo ... | The Village Sun, NYC 2020
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Remembering Lucien Bahaj | Document, NYC 2019
Review: Todd Phillipps - The Joker movie | masil, NYC 2019
Ride ’em, cowboy! | The Village Sun, NYC 2020

Sculptor dogged by a past act deserves forgiveness | Villager, NYC 2012
Snapshot memories of Lucien Bahaj, of Lucien bistro | Village Sun, NYC 2019
Some horse sense from the L.E.S. on carriage horses | Villager, NYC 2014
Stealing from Paul to pay Mike's pals | Mail, NYC 2012
Summer is coming | Facebook
Swift as N.Y.C. ambassador is not welcome on the L.E.S. | Villager, NYC 2014

Takin’ it to the streets, The Village Sun, New York 2019
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Varvatos | mail 2009
Videotaping ’88 park riot turned me into an activist | Villager, NYC 2012

Wall Street Occupation | Captured Blog, New York on Oct 12, 2011
Water play on a hot day got heated; Arrested man and cops tell different
| Villager, NYC 2018

What CBGB's turned into ... | Mail, NYC, Aug 20, 2008
When police and protesters clashed on the L.E.S. | Villager, NYC 2015
Where is the silver lining | Mail on Dec 15, 2013
Who is LA II, and why can’t he get any recognition?  |  Villager, NYC 2011
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Work For Hire?  |  mail 2019
Why I Do Support Occupy: what happened on L.E.S.  |  Villager, NYC 2011

YES! ... but is it ART? | catalog, Berlin 1995

Zito shines in HOWL! Happening show | The Village Sun, New York 2019

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