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Clayton Gallery
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the strategic
juncture where
artistic production
and socio-cultural
action meet.




A community is made up of continuously crossing circles 2010
A Few More at the Door 2019
Ai Weiwei learned the art of protest on the L.E.S. 2012
Angel Ortiz LA2. 2022
Another artist evicted from our community 2006
Another look at Zuccotti Park evacua 2011
A question for Donald Trump 2011
Art - Space - Universes - Satellites 2019
Arrested for Taking Pictures 2008
Artist struggles to survive amid life on the street 2013
A thought on independent film festivals 2012
At Jump Into the Light VR 2020
A tough guy who outran his demons 2012
At Samoa’s ‘Candy Coated Evil’ Opening 2018
At the Memorial for LES Documentarian Toyo Tsuchiya 2018

Biker, cool carnie, actor… the evolution of Billy 2012
Bonfires to band shell: occupying East Village style 2011
Boris Lurie's NO!art Exhibition at Westwood Gallery 2010
Boris team— clarity 2007
Brian Butterick remebering 2019

Captured, a documentary by Clayton Patterson 2009
Chaos theory spinning in a kabal of creative energy ... 2006
City regs could make falafel shop tank 2017
Clayton Patterson captures Wall Street occupation 2011
— — responds to Taylor Swift's Welcome to NYC 2014
Claudio, Chris and Coss Marte 2020
Cochise and the last real street gang of the L.E.S. 2012
Comings, goings… and lots of graffiti 2020
Community Isolation Coming Together 2020
Cops were spellbound by idea of magician as killer 2012
Copwatch, answer to Neuman's anarchist forum 2010
Creative Pioneers under assault on the L.E.S. 2013

Da Falafel Guys survive inspection crunch time 2017
Desperate and homeless 2010
Documenting the Tompkins Square riot of ’88 2017
Does the WORLD REALLY belong to TrumP? 2017
Don't put our pen in his pocket 2010
Don’t take a short-term view of a long-term problem 2013
Drugs and Anti-Police Protests 2020

Earl Einhorn: Making magic with digital art 2020
Essex Street Crack Busts in the 1990s 2020

Fatal Stabbing at key food on Lower East Side 2008
Finding Ira Cohen: on the trail of a mystic art icon 2012
Forget the politicians; Why Not Care is helping 2018
Freaky fun for young refugees | Villager, NYC 2014
From ComFest and Columbus to Soho Zat and back again 2012
From NO!art to now - Ai Weiwei, the struggle goes on 2011

Generations and Gentrification 2018
Good guys getting bounced by liquor license politics 2013

Hardcore scene is still rocking and rolling 2017
Hard-Workin Heroes 2020
Here's the working class 2012
History of the Clayton Gallery 2005
Hot Days on the LES 2016

Is there something going on between J. Deitch and Keith? 2010

Jimmy Webb: Rock fashion icon ‘walked on the wild side’ 2020

LA II deserves his due 2020
Letter to Varvados 2009
Little background on the wall 2008
Looking back at 9/11 2011

Mickey the Pope and Drugs on the Lower East Side 2020
Moving along with the6th Acker Awards 2012
My guide to the creative world 2012
My life among the Mormons 2012
My times with Taylor Mead 2012

Net pioneer needs help in fight for rights to .nyc 2012
NO! NO! NO! Don't destroy Dietmar's NO!art 2011

Occupation Wall Street 2011
Of Generations and Gentrification 2018
Once the fabricated history has been invented ... 2010
On the Ground at the Trade Center as Towers Fell 2011
On the occasion of the Boris Lurie's show at Westwood 2010
Opinion: Jaywalking ticket for doing my job 2019
Our chance 2004
Overthrow hits it off with new youth training 2019

Paula Grimaldi-Reardon, 65, photographer of tattoo ... 2020
Piece on Boris Lurie 2019

Queens to punks to tattoos 2021

Remembering Lucien Bahaj 2019
Review: Todd Phillipps - The Joker movie 2019
Ride ’em, cowboy! 2020

Sculptor dogged by a past act deserves forgiveness 2012
Snapshot memories of Lucien Bahaj, of Lucien bistro 2019
Some horse sense from the L.E.S. on carriage horses 2014
Stealing from Paul to pay Mike's pals 2012
Summer is coming 2020
Swift as N.Y.C. ambassador is not welcome on the L.E.S. 2014

Takin’ it to the streets 2019
The beginning of making a diamondd 2019
The case of ‘The butcher of Tompkins Square Park’ 2012
The Homeless Man, Patrick Downey, on Ludlow Street 2007
The ‘Joker’ and Jerry Pagane: Sink or swim 2019
The ‘Mosaic Man’ has always blazed his own trail 2012
The Struggle continues 2018
The Village Sun Seen 2019
Thom De Vita RIP 2018

Varvatos 2009
Videotaping ’88 park riot turned me into an activist 2012

Wall Street Occupation 2011
Water play on a hot day got heated 2018
What CBGB's turned into ... 2008
When police and protesters clashed on the L.E.S. 2015
Where is the silver lining 2013
Who is LA II, and why can’t he get any recognition? 2011
Workers are still bravely working it 2020
Work For Hire? 2019
Why I Do Support Occupy: what happened on L.E.S. 2011

YES! ... but is it ART? 1995

Zito shines in HOWL! Happening show 2019

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