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Summer Is Coming
Facebook on July 6, 2020

Summer is coming.. the Apple is starting to cook. The Youth are getting restless. And we have to stay and maintain the fort. If not us then who? No going out of town for me. To make something real happen turning the Front Door project into an underground museum of sorts. VR333 knows the history of graffiti tags. There will be tags and crew names going around the outside. No government names, id's, and no beefs. All tags are together. A history project. IS a secret history of sorts. Have to know to get the content.

But one must maintain and keep on guard. VR was going to work early AM and was attacked by a man trying to slash his face and take him down with a razor. VR fought him off. Another day in the city. Be careful.

If you want to remember the last front door image. A perfect way is to get your photo taken in front of the Skull Front Door at Jochen Fckng Auer

FrontDoor Essex Street


show.,.. Many connections between us...

New book out.. pushing that. Trying to get next generation Front Door book done. Look for first edition on ebay or Amazon