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Community Isolation Coming Together
Mail passed around, New York on March 16, 2020

This is becoming a time of social isolation.  People being forced to stay at home.   Maybe it is a time for the community to come together in some form of Internet communication.  The NY ACKER Awards is a real community.  A body of creative people. We all have friends and people we communicate with. We have the potential of reaching a large audience.

A way for people to stay in touch, entertain each other with stories, news, illustrations, photographs.  Local news.

There are stories that need to be told and there is nowhere to pass on this information. For example I talked to Dr. David Ores yesterday.  He has a story of the difficulties of getting the tools to test for the virus, the gouging of prices, and non-medical people telling how to run his medical practice. I have a friend who is in Germany and how Trump's 2 day deadline has turned his time overseas into a nightmare A friend in India and what he is seeing in terms of politics- very like America - divisions of people and a blatant aggressive anti-Muslim sentiment. His story of how this travel ban has changed all his plans is worth a look.

Local media is hard for most people to penetrate into or they are private clubs which focus on themselves only, and are closed off to others.   We can have a very wide range of views.  Many people many different perspectives, ideas, ways of looking at the world, talents, ways for people to express their ideas.  We get a concrete idea and even from home we can group present our ideas to politicians.

We need ways of learning how others are affected by the virus.

Any thoughts or ideas?  We would have to figure out a host, editors, people to organize and handle the stream of material. We are still New Yorkers.  We know how to invent  change and make something happen.

As a side note. I work with 8 Ball radio.  A small independent community radio station made up of mostly young people.  Smart, helpful, energetic, youth on the move. It is a non-commercial Internet station that is built on love, participation, dedication. and commitment. I love what they are doing. All good people.

And btw, I have not quit the effort to bury the time-capsule in TSP.  If all the negativity attached to the virus has disappeared by May the TC would be a very positive way to bring people together. Could include content on how this virus affected our community as well.

Keep The Faith The Struggle Never Ends.  clayton