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Art — Space — Universes — Satelittes
Mail to Ron Magliozzi, Curator MOMA on February 25, 2019

I will make this as short as I can. It is another pamphlet concept.  The universe and satellite universes.
creation - conceptual art project.

The background here I want to explain a concept, a vision I am working on.. that to create a giant universe made up of different satellite universes. In a way like a family tree.. also researchable.   A part of my work is I am one, my work is all one, my work is all me.. I am an artist all I make is art.  And of course FTW.. as an outsider can only rely on one oneself.. tend to freak out the others.

The universe can be thought of like a family tree,,. only a forest of trees.   Take the ACKER Awards as one example:  the box, filled with pieces that reflect the work of the recipient, the booklet which names and bios.. the poster. All one. Then dissect let’s say tattoos – look up names – say R.O. Tyler – a photo and a bio. Tyler will be in the NY Tattoo history anthology – Tyler’s trail goes to Oldenburg, Judson Church John Cage.. see the Keith Patchel article – back to ACKERs to Keith bio & history – much of this can all be linked to my archive – photos, videos, ephemera, staying with tattoo can get to Jochen Auer – to Austria to Wildstyle and Tattoo Messe -  was the president of Tattoo Society of NY to people I got to WS tour- Austria Germany – because of my NYC connections was able to facilitate the traveling show.. and made the Asian connection.. which was related to TSNY – to tattoo legalization & what a game changer that was – to the NYC International Tattoo Convention – to ACKERs  to Jose “Cochise” Quiles to LES Street gang history to AKCERs to Tommy Houlihan – The Irish mob the Westies..  then the NO!art site & Dietmar Kirves - and on and on..

Is a very large conceptual art project. . . . FTW,.,  If those on the Outside do not save their one history then who will?  … and eventually some of the ACKER recipients will be understood for the geniuses they were.. SUNPK aka Peter Kwaloff – Nelson Sullivan - Rev R.O. Tyler – Lionel Ziprin – deVita – Detmar Kirves – Boris Lurie - Spider Webb – and so on.. all buried deep in our cultural soil.. this stuff must be saved.. it is the old Van Gogh story.. the real bone crusher are not on the surface..

Who could believe? Maybe there is some oxygen left in this dying world of mine.. First -  I have no idea how this came along.. but in terms of legitimacy - I was blessed with Ron.. and then believe it or not? From the infamous early 80’s ex-Punk rocker to Ponytail bandit on FBI list because he robbed 29 banks – after jail he became a tattoo artist.. later when I met him - I kind of mentored him on the subject of Keep The Faith The Struggle Never Ends.. and the spaces he can grow in and how what to expect in the kind of fight he would encounter in the creative world he was interested in entering – He connected me to a tattoo book publisher – I am getting the tattoo anthology published.. by a publisher.. I am not good at seeking out help from the legitimate world..

Anyway . . . Yes, the Universes and the satellites are an important part of the whole conceptual art project.  Creation is a very spiritual activity so is saving history. So is making connections. All becomes a part of the Conceptual Art project. All so much bigger than just me.

thanks clayton

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ABOUT Ron Magliozzi | Curator Departement of Film | Museum of Modern Art, New York:
Ron Magliozzi, who has organized over 50 film series and gallery exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art since 1993, joined the staff in 1979 as a supervisor of MoMA's International Film Study Center. A specialist in collections research, development, and acquisitions, he was named Curator in the Department of Film in 2016. Magliozzi has organized a number of groundbreaking exhibitions at MoMA, including 100 Years in Post-Production: Resurrecting a Lost Landmark of Black Film History, on the discovery of Bert Williams’s Lime Kiln Club Field Day. The previously unidentified, 101-year-old film footage was selected by The Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry and won Magliozzi the 2014 Film Heritage Award from the National Society of Film Critics. He also organized the blockbuster exhibition Tim Burton (2009), which toured internationally from 2009 to 2013. Other film series and gallery exhibitions organized by Magliozzi include Ernie Gehr: Carnival of Shadows (2015); Dante Ferretti: Design and Construction for the Cinema (2013); Quay Brothers: The Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets (2012); Filmmaker in Focus: Euzhan Palcy (2011); Sensation and Sentiment: Cinema Posters 1912–14 (2007); Cruel and Unusual Comedy: Social Commentary in Slapstick Film (2009); Jazz Score (2008); and Pixar: 20 Years of Animation (2005). Active in the International Federation of Film Archives, Magliozzi chaired its Documentation Commission from 1990 to 1997. He has also been involved in archival film restoration projects, including the Last Poets’ Right On! (1970), Karl Brown’s Stark Love (1927), the Hubley Studios’ Of Stars and Men (1964), and Mack Sennett Biograph comedies. Magliozzi is the author of a number of exhibition catalogues and Museum publications, including Bert Williams and Company (2015); The Quay Brothers (2012); Tim Burton: Exercising the Imagination (2009); Let’s Go in to a Picture Show: Silent Cinema Recordings 1907–1922 (2006); and Treasures from the Film Archive (1988). October 2017