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Clayton’s Corner: A Few More at the Door [PHOTOS]
Bowery Boogie, New York on January 31, 2019

Trigger Smith
Trigger Smith is a longtime East Village denizen, and easily
identifiable by his conical hat. He was the owner of
Continental Bar for the past 27 years until last month.

Owner Joey Goodwin, and the marketing team of Andrea Castillo and Victoria Moriss
Here are the three movers and shakers behind the Overthrow Boxing Gym on Bleecker Street.
Owner Joey Goodwin, and the marketing team of Andrea Castillo and Victoria Moriss.

Edgar Santana boxer
This guy is a random filmmaker whose name was not revealed.
I met him in front. He had just returned from the Anthology
Film Archives paying respect to Jonas Mekas

Ty Harris portraIT
Ty Harris grew up on the Lower East Side, and was a second
generation Pitt Street Boys Club member. He’s active in
local sports and a proud father

Edgar Santana boxer
Jos Wilson is a neighborhood fixture often seen playing his guitar on the streets and in parks.
He’s active in the 6th Street Garden and is involved with Music Under the Stars

Power Malu
Power Malu was born and raised on the Lower East Side, and
is a well-recognized community activist. He is one of the
original 3 behind Why Not Care, the nonprofit geared
toward providing beneficial resources for the homeless,
the disenfranchised, everyday people or businesses
and community organizations that are in need
of supplemental assistance.

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