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Overthrow Hits it Off with New Youth Training;
Yoga, Meditation, Health — and Kicking Butt!
The Villager, New York on January 22, 2019

Edgar Santana boxer
A teen working on punches with pro boxer Edgar Santana. Photos by Clayton Patterson

Overthrow New York, at Nine Bleecker St., put on a free event for 50 youth from ages 10 to 23. The idea was that boxing can improve health, like eating the proper foods, and helps young people learn to channel and release aggression and anger.

There were two levels of participation. The youngest started the process first, followed by the older youths.

Everybody put your hand in
Everybody put your hand in! Getting psyched up for the workout.

The event was structured around a 10-minute “shakeout” light jog down Bowery with the NYC Bridgerunners. That was followed by a 25-minute boxing session, led by male and female boxing world champions. Next came a 15-minute mindfulness/meditation/yoga session using Mingy Zingy, a 10-minute Q&A with the champs, another 10 minutes with a mindfulness expert, and a primer on nutrition and food, plus a gift bag filled with a set of boxing gloves, socks, a T-shirt, wristband and other boxing-related goodies.

down the Bowery
Going for a “shakeout” light jog down the Bowery.
Boxing world champions
Boxing world champions — from left, Ronica Jeffrey, Alicia Napoleon and Edgar Santana —
did a question-and-answer session with the youths.

John Joseph, of Cro-Mags hard-core punk band fame, who is also a triathlete and a vegan, cooked food for the affair.

The youths came from all around the city, mainly through connections with the boxers who use the gym. Overthrow plans to make it a monthly event.

No. 9 Bleecker was formerly the Yippies headquarters before they lost the building and Overthrow took it over.

Young athletes
Young athletes strike a boxing stance.


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