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The Struggle Continues
Mail passed around, New York on June 18, 2018

I am attaching one newspaper.. there were other stories in newspapers - this 1962.  I think this was between grade 7 and 8.

This was my first time took over the front page of a major paper... with a serious story.  The Calgary Stampede attracts millions of people.  Was tragic.  Long story.  

It seems to be my destiny to be engaged in major tragic stories and major conflicts.  By now have been a number of such situations....  

Calgary Stampede 1962  long story. front page Calgary Herald.. young girl comma for 91 days. was a tragic accident.. junior high school.
4 OF US RIDING HORSES - we were on our way to ride in the Stampede Parade.  As a kid I had participated in the parade a number of times - a drummer in the Calgary School Patrol Band,, other times riding a horse.

ON this particular day we came across an obstacle and we had to decide what to do - 

We had a choice.. go down a steep embankment - then take a chance crossing a busy fast freeway or take the short ride across a train tressel.  Because of a hill one could not see far down the tracks.  The tressel seemed to be the right choice.  Because of the nature of the railroad tracks, the horses were somewhat unsure  of their footing.

The two older riders went first.  They made it across, then the young girl went in front of me. I went last.  She was about 1/2 way across the tressel, I was a short distance behind her. It was then I saw a dayliner coming around the hill.  I jumped off my horse, holding the reins I pulled my horse back to safety.

I looked back and witnessed the girl trying to rein the confused horse.  next I saw her get hit. Go flying into the air, and then the girl went over the rail of the tressel.  Next I looked down and watched the damaged horse taking it last breath, eyes wide open.  In can see see these images in my mind.  Something I will never forget.  Was comparable to witnessing people floating down off the WTC.  Other images I will never forget.  And living the on the LES have seen people get shot and beaten up and so on.

Witnessing how fragile life can be makes some of my fights seem like kick some ass.. and see where the pieces fall.. some were damaging to my career,., but by now never expect to get into the mainstream.. looking at kicking jup the fight for LA2 and is history.. if this goes right you will hear about this... 

Some of the other brawls  included police.. arrests.. 2 lawyers who lost their license to practice-- Lynn Stewart and Alton Maddox, had Kunsler, Kuby,  Cohen - Cohen was fake.. he also went to jail.. 

Art has many levels.. but, for me, the ones, which include helping make a social change are the biggest.. change society and you ahve changed history.. the mainstream art world is a closed social structure and does not have much of a reach.

The Calgary Herald frontpage
THE CALGARY HERALD on July 9, 1962