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Thom De Vita RIP
Mail passed around, New York on April 6, 2018
more RIP in New York Times

Heine + DeVita + Ziprin
Heine + DeVita + Ziprin

NEW YORK. Cannot be read on a iphone  & is a part of my connection to this tribe.  The wave - the wave - this wave never ends - the black rose tattoo with no outline in now a memory.  It is up to us to save the memories.

Thom deVita another legend from the LES has passed today.  Thom deVita passed today.  Sad. Thom had his own creative tribe on the LES.

A part of this tribe can be traced and connected through the ACKER Awards.  Thom deVita (RIP), Bill Hiene (RIP), Rev.R.O. Tyler (RIP), Michael McCabe,  Nick Bubash. Staying with the ACKERs and connecitng with Hiene is Lionel Ziprin (RIP).

Another ACKER recipient NO!artist  Dietmar Kirves working with NO!art, original member, ACKER recipient,  Boris Lurie (RIP) created the incredible valuable research tool the NO!art website.

Nick Bubash called me a couple of hours ago to say that Thom died at 7 this morning. A service is not scheduled yet. Thom wanted to be interned next to his brother. His wife is handling that.

Tent City to tattoo artists etched in L.E.S. history on February 27, 2014.

Clayton Gallery: Outlaw Art Show Poetry, 1993. Show with poetry by de Vita, Heine, Cochise, and Anne ... Groupshow with Thom DeVita | Bill Heine | Cochise | Anne 161 Essex ... in NYC. Unusual work. BILL HEINE: His art, drawings and Patterson.

Clayton Patterson: Jews, a people's history of the Lower East Side | book in... Mosiac Persuasion, p. 412 Anne Loretto: Bill Heine and Anne Spitzer ... Kickstarter and paying the bills and continues on. Thanks ... Kickstarter and paying the bills. Thanks to Ron Kolm.

Clayton Gallery | Clayton Caps | New York, March 2016. Schneider, Tom deVita, Bill Heine, Anne Ardolino, and Art Party Pravda and others. After nearly 10 years of being closed to the public, the Gallery opens it's doors again.

Clayton Patterson: History of the Clayton Gallery, New York 2005. Schneider,Tom deVita, Bill Heine,Anne Ardolino,Art Party Pravda, and many others too numerous to be mentioned here. Baba Raul Canizares was a Santero, a priest-practitioner of ...

Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum, New York | Casanova, Louis Cartwright, Heine, Greg Fuchs, Herbert Huncke, Maze, Anthony ... OUTLAW ART SHOW POETRY | with Tom deVita, Bill Heine, Anne, Cochise | Feb 15

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in memory and respect clayton  FTW,,, 

Bubash DeVita Lorrie
Bubash + DeVita + Lorri
DeVita + Bubash + Ackers
DeVita + Bubash + Ackers
DeVita + Patterson
DeVita + Patterson