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Da Falafel Guys Survive Inspection Crunch Time
The Villager, New York on November 22, 2017

young falafel guys
The young future “falafel guys,” in front of Clayton Patterson’s front door,
on Essex St., from left, Titu Mohammed, Masud Hoque and
Kammal Mohammed. Photos by Clayton Patterson

I am grateful to The Villager for publishing my article on the problems that Da Falafel Guys were having (“City regs could make falafel shop tank,” Clayton, May 18): The problems have all been solved. The shop has received an “A” from the Department of Health, and another small Lower East Side business survives.

This is not just a small business. These are local neighbors who grew up in the community, and found a way to stay here and open a business. I have known these guys since they were children. I watched them grow and become productive, contributing members of our local culture. With all that gentrification has wiped out, it just feels good to know that some of the roots of our history and past can still be found here.

falafel guy now
Kammal Mohammed today behind the counter at Da Falafel Guys restaurant, on Rivington St.

And, strange as it may seem — and I know many others in my part of the community who feel the same way — it is difficult to find eatable, inexpensive food in our part of the L.E.S. We have multiple $1 pizza places, $3 meatballs, standard deli fare, and from there the prices go along with the high rent.

I do recommend Da Falafel Guys, at 127 Rivington St. The food on the menu is healthy, affordable and served in hungry-man portions.  Support the community. “Make Downtown Ours Again” is one of my new campaign slogans.