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Does the World Really Belong to Trump?
Mail passed around, New York on August 4, 2017

I have a wide variety of art that I have made, but certainly I have engaged in making a political statements. 

I was asked to do a mural for an LES building.. OK.. LES..I thought.. Why not political..

Sent something in that was really pretty tame.. was a section of a mural I did on the Bowery Wall.. in the summer of 1990… a period when Street Politics were very much alive on the old LES.. In the summer of without permission.. With Elsa's help took over thew Wall at Houston and Bowery… nobody buffed it..  lasted most of the summer until a paid artist did a Soho wine bar ad.  I was OK with that..We took it over without permission -  except one glitch..  the paid artist knew me and did not tell me.. it was an artist who also did street art.. so I went over with buckets of paint and did a Jackson Pollack number.. told the artist I did it..  in the end the artist and I worked it out. Later was involved in two other illegal take over's of the Wall.. 

Fingers - Roger Kaufman  did a private performance for Elsa and I…which we videotaped and photographed.. RK was a very serious about his art..

A  Hasidic friend of mine had a major problem entering the Javites Building.. long story he was arrested.. he came to me and asked for help.  This was a Federal case.. BUT before 9:11. In a number of my court cases I have handed in a written legal answer - a collage front and inside pieces along with photos.. I this case the college solicited a very unexpected response… the Federal prosecutor said it was a threat against the US Government.. they set out a gaggle Federal  Marshalls at 4AM and arrest my friend.. the judge said I could not hand in any more papers.. and copies must be destroyed except one for the record.. and of course I did..  was a little intense  walked in and out of court with guards.. could not hang around courthouse after case.. and so on..

A piece I did bill board over the old 2B gas station.. dealing with fighting AIDS..-  Similar to this piece -. I am not including a photo here, but there was a wall on an old glass factory on 10th and D. At the time I think it was the longest mural in the LES.. Again illegally -  myself - the local street gang the Satan Sinner Nomads -  and LES Latin Kings.. did a long running mural.. not sure who saw it.. was deep on the LES..  I was able to include a poem from a old Outlaw female friend of mine.. Anne Ardolino - poetry name Anntelop.- poem called Suck Death.. loved Annes work.. the mural lasted for quite a long time.. Anne story is a a powerful history.. but a really good one.. amazing tough lady.. no bullshit..

Latest piece was for Patchel's Plain of Jars opera  - topic America's secret war in Laos..

anyway.. there are many other pieces.. but this gets the idea related to the response I got..

"Clayton - The board told me they think your work is too political and dark."

Anyway.. who cares.. FTW… move on.. and being an Outsider comes with a price.. and next time - maybe -  I will do something softer and nicer.. and believe it or not.. I can do that.. And I have mellowed a little as I age.. Too many responsibilities to go wild.. Bsides.. may not make the inner art circle.. but there are archives of my work out there.. One  the NO!art headquaters in Berlin.. some papers related to my work archived by the brilliant German NO! art artist - head of NO!art East Dietmar Kirves.  I have written 100's of poltical emails, articles, papers, statements, court papers and so on.

thanks clayton

see bits and pieces.. 1997.. Russia, Germany- Canada-

Keith Patchel Plain of Jars poster