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Stealing from Paul to Pay Mike's Pals
Subject: Check over
Mail passed around, New York on May 9, 2012

What is happening to Paul is something that has happened to many Lower East Side creative individuals with original ideas. There is an attempt by the corporate world to steal the ideas the original thinker has spent the last couple of decades trying to develop and solidify.

Paul has worked many years developing his ideas centered around name/space. His battle has taken him to congress. And as a lone individual he is under serious attacks by the likes of companies fronting the NY City council card as their trump card- even though what they are presenting is bogus and a copy of original Paul.

The gentrification of the Lower East Side has brought with it a huge influx of money, but sadly so much of it is like hedge money- always hedging the bets and putting money if not on a sure thing then on a more guaranteed investment. A guarantee means a corporation who has money, has a pr firm and a legal team, which collectively means they can steal people, like Paul’s ideas, and try and make them their own. It is the world of greed and corporate corruption. Paul’s is the world of sharing.

From the Villager August 2, 2006

The first to bring wireless broadband to the East Village, Garrin launched his WiFi-NY network nine years ago. Beaming out his signal on unrestricted spectrum — the same one used by cordless phones — he can reach anywhere with a clear line of sight from Christodora House on E. Ninth St. By going airborne, rather than relying on underground cables and D.S.L., for which Time-Warner and Verizon hold the franchises, WiFi maintains “network neutrality,” Garrin stressed. Plus, having to pay the $10,000 to $12,000 monthly fee for using the underground infrastructure is avoided. Using the airwaves is also a way to avoid surveillance — especially when the messages are encrypted for extra protection — he added.

“The reason you can buy a domain name for $10 is because I sued Network Solutions,” he said.

In 2001, with Frank Morales and Christine Wang, he founded Free.The.Media!, an autonomous think tank whose purpose, according to its Web page, is to “reclaim public space on the ’Net and preserve free expression, privacy and access for all, through education, community ownership of media infrastructure and the development of open-source software.”

Letter by Paul Garrin to Rosie | New York, April 9, 2012