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Another Look at Zuccotti Park Evacua
Bowery Boogie, New York on November 18, 2011

As always, documentarian Clayton Patterson was there in the thick of it.  When the Occupy Wall Street protesters were evacuated from Zuccotti Park early Monday morning, Patterson was there capturing images as only he can.  In this installment of Clayton’s Corner, we include his thoughts and photos from the event.

Clayton Patterson: Zuccotti Park Evacua #1

When the Bloomberg Administration implemented the gutless and shameful sneak-attack eviction under the guise of a cleanup, they kept the press and legal observers at bay. Ironic considering Bloomberg made his money with the press. I thought Freedom of the press was a constitutionally guaranteed right in America. No?

Clayton Patterson: Zuccotti Park Evacua #2

It is obvious that [Police Commissioner] Ray Kelly has been spending his time trying to line himself up for a run for the mayor and in doing so has lost control over the police.

The following photos show the press was kept blocks away from Zuccotti park. The cops pepper sprayed press bystanders and protesters alike. One lady neutralized with pepper spray actually works for the Amsterdam News.

Clayton Patterson: Zuccotti Park Evacua #3

The people reunited later in the early AM, and later convened a general Assembly. Later in the morning a lawyer had won the right for the protesters to go back into Zuccotti Park. But our billionaire mayor kept the protesters out and spent the city money to overturn that ruling.

It is further ironic that Ray Kelly Police said the press was kept away from the eviction for their own safety - yet in pushing the press out they were pepper sprayed by cops and some were arrested and a city councilman was beaten, injured from his beating and arrested- hmmm. Double speak much?

Clayton Patterson: Zuccotti Park Evacua #4

What Ray Kelly is doing is pushing the protesters dangerously close to a violent response. At what point is an American allowed to fight-back when the American is being wrongfully beaten, chemically injured, and wrongfully incarcerated?

Bloomberg has now embarrassed himself and exposed his weak character by no longer being the responsible face for the oft-illegal and harmful attacks by the police; for the vicious and questionably legal way he is treating the constituents he is charged to represent. He created this problem and now he can no longer deal with it. What does this 1%, 12th richest man in America, want for the $100 million he spent to have this job.

All photographs by Clayton Patterson


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