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Clayton Patterson Captures Wall Street Occupation
Bowery Boogie, New York on September 23, 2011

Last Saturday, an estimated 3,000 demonstrators mobbed Wall Street with the intention of “protesting the disparity of power and wealth that exists in our society.” The event is organized by the leaderless resistance of Even though “occupation” crowds are starting to dwindle a bit, folks are still being detained. What follows is a photo essay by legendary neighborhood chronicler Clayton Patterson. He’s been documenting the developments there.

Taking $100 worth of pennies and dropping them around Wall Street, Summer of Change

Aaron Burr Society, Summer of Change

One man ranting against Zionism and an Israeli saying fuck him

University professor saying corporate greed killed America:

Homeless and the flag

Starbucks on Delancey and Allen INFO

City Hall gated democracy

About Bowery Boogie: Bowery Boogie is a New York City-based, hyperlocal website that chronicles the happenings of the Lower East Side. Our mission is to document the past, present, and future of the ever-changing neighborhood landscape.  In doing so, we cover everything from the latest local news and community events, to street art, graffiti, and film set location information.



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