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New York | March 14, 2010

Angel Ortiz, LA II is one of the most accomplished and internationally famous Puerto Rican artists the Lower East Side has ever produced. - His work has been exhibited in numerous major museums and is in both public and private collections- all over the world. His work is featured in important books. One problem is his name is often left out of the credits.

I think this link explains the story- in part- identity theft and corruption- at the highest levels of the art world-
Is there something going on between Jeffrey Deitch and Keith Haring?

Angel came to me last night- Now his situation is even more tragic- because of economic pressures- he has been physically assaulted, robbed, forced out of his apartment and is homeless. His front bridge was taken and thrown away- he suffered a cut lip as well as a black eye.

Yesterday NYC had record rain fall- LA showed up soaking wet- all he was wearing was sweat pants- sneakers- no cell phone-

the situation has become desperate and could end up tragic-

NYC has become the city of the great divide- those who have and those who have not- - since being mayor- Bloomberg wealth has gone from 7 1/2 billion to over 15 billion- and we are losing our fire protection and school kids are having their metro cards taken away- the best of times and the worst of times- for many people in America- this is the 2nd Great Depression....

Angel Ortiz, Photo by Clayton PattersonAngel Ortiz, Photo by Clayton PattersonAngel Ortiz, Photo by Clayton Patterson

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