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New York | August 20, 2008

Many people in our community were very much against what CBGB's turned into. They felt Varvatos was a corporate sell out of everything that PUNK and CBGB's stood for. I met you at Billy's. I learned that you had worked your way up from a stock boy, and I had decided to give you a chance. I went to your opening. First you treated Billy as just another jerk at the door, so it took us about 15 minutes to get in. I could have gone straight in, except I wanted to wait for Billy, which meant standing outside in the line giving you credibility. I know the main core of radicals protesting your store. In fact protesters, as well as, reporters look to me for guidance and advice or information on a number of political and neighborhood issues. I have had my share of media on such matters.

I am working on my 3rd LES history book. I have accumulated the largest LES photo archives taken by a single individual. I am sure over a million pictures. The archives also includes videos and other ephemera. I have many really exciting CBGB's videos. I have been arrested many times as an activist. A movie was just made about a part of my archives. Not to say that all of this means anything more than OK good for you, but I assure you, I did come to you in good faith. I came with my hand extended to yours. To get a glimpse of local protest spots take a look around your block. I went with one other person to make peace with the Bowery Wine Bar- that protest is over. Another protest that is just getting started is the Haring Wall. If you look at that wall you will see my name on it. I am helping to strategize that struggle by getting media and other high level people involved. That problem is likely is going to take time, will eventually cost someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to solve, and most of what is going on will not been seen in the public eye. They want to fight. I got that Haring history into the NY Times, as well as, other media.

Some local people were unhappy that the New Museum came into the area between Houston and Delancey and never met with any of the old time creative establishments. I got museum people to reach out, and we worked out some of the stress. Since this friendly side showed up people are happy enough, so I agreed to show the movie there, otherwise I would not.

The LES world has changed and the old and the new has to meet, get along, or not. Let those who want to fight, fight.

One of our agreements was we were to have a face to face meeting. That was 5 months ago. I invited you as an honored guest to my movie screenings. I thought that we could possibly work something out between you and the community. I am not looking for a photo exhibition in the Varvatos store. Anyway your response is FUCK YOU- so my response to you is FUCK YOU BACK- not sure why you want this but whatever. Fuck you means fuck you in any language.