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New York, July 25th, 2008 by mail

LA2, for me, is a wild-card. LA2 is a Lower East Side resident I have photographed over the years. He has been in my window. I have a reputation as an activist- depending on the cause. A few years ago was the last time he came knocking on my door for help. He was desperate to get back on his feet. LA2 had learned the hard knocks of the street and the streets were not for him.

He just needed to be recognized to get going.

I got LA2 good press, a meeting with a white shoe uptown lawyer who was infatuated by the news story. Soon LA2 dropped the ball and there was broken glass everywhere. Ouch! But more boring than anything else.

OK too bad. I still believe that LA2 was instrumental in Keith Haring beginnings. In a number of ways- not to get into now- but often the ghetto or underground has a real mystical allure— the creative types come, they tip toe into the water-- they swim in the water- they learn and grow at rapid speeds- they take that memory from that swim in the drink. So much was learned in the wilds and these changes set people on different courses. Opened doors. Changed heads around—this is an old story—I can make a list- can give history. Not now.

LA2 is back. He came back to my door. Glad faced and he said he was ready to go, again, for the last time. Had enough of the street just wanted to be an artist. He looked good. His mother had died. He had to grow up. I think has lost that little kid thing and is now a man.

LA2 has the Kostabi brothers and the Follin Gallery helping LA2 in Italy. LA2 is making enough money to fulfill his needs. He has books coming out. All is good. He said he was ready to get back on his pony and ride.

If LA is now a responsible adult. It could be good for all players. The Foundation and LA2 would get to make clear each ones role in the history and development of Keith Haring. It would be normal for each separate person to have a separate view of everyone’s role. I am sure each person had their very own significant contribution they each made. LA needs to have his place in history acknowledged. He needs to get professional, all of which would help his art career.

Read how Keith praises LA2 in his Journals- LA2 was critical in Keith’s artistic life. Keith would love the attention and the collaboration, which he liked to do. This collaboration brings Keith up to date- makes the mural fresh- Keith’s reputation is safe.

The different parties LA2, Foundation, and whoever, can settle, in a professional way, accounting and lawyers, all ties and connections, ending speculation, imagination, grandiose thinking, right ideas and wrong ideas, get everything cleared up once and for all.

LA2 can go on his way with his own career. The Foundation and everyone will be able to close that chapter. Maybe they can work together. As another really important sidebar to all of this is that NYC artists needs to be able to survive to stay in NYC. I am thinking of just one example of an incredibly talented, intelligent young artist who was even in Whitney show and is definitely struggling to find a place to just live and work in.

Let’s help LA2. Leave the Wall as is.

Above is not the first debate of this summer over this area of real-estate- Shepard Fairey went over an artist MARTY- just to the right of the Wall if facing North- who held that spot- read story—to continue- Owner of property covers Oboma with a plague about Mural- even though he does not own the wall he screwed his plaque to—the struggle continues.