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Slide show #1SLIDE SHOW #1 - working on a new idea with an old friend... this is the first experiment. This is a collection of photos from various points of time in the Lower East East of Manhattan. .... more

The LA2-Keith Haring StoryTHE LA2-KEITH HARING STORY-Just an oversight? 2018 | The movie is to question the ways LA2, Angel Ortiz, has been robbed of his place in art history, his copyright. LA2 has been ...more

Welcome to New YorkCLAYTON PATTERSON RESPONDS TO TAYLOR SWIFT'S WELCOME TO NEW YORK 2014 | The conflict now is not democracy versus fascism or communism. It is democracy versus ... more

Hard core undergroundHARDCORE HISTORY: John Josep of THE CRO-MAGS 2013 | Author, community activist, and Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph recounts his personal journey growing up punk on the streets of ... more

ArrestedSTATE OF NEW YORK vs CLAYTON | A Manhattan artist who made videotapes that show apparent wrongdoing by police officers during the clash at Tompkins Square Park said ... more

TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK 1988 | This Video takes you on a mini tour around Tompkins Sq. Park; see squatters being evicted, and a demonstration that happened coincidentally. ... more

FROM THE UNDERGROUND AND BELOW 2011 | Chapters about Joe Coleman, Drag Queens, Piercing, GG Allin, Branding, Tattoo Society of New York, Tompkins Square Park Police Riot, ... more

LIONEL ZIPRIN esoteric Jewish writer. "We are not after all intended to be consumed.” So begins Lionel Ziprin’s “Sentential Metaphrastic,” a “poem in progress” of more than a thousand pages.... more

Joe Coleman [59 min]. — On a rainy night visit Joe's 20th century bizarre Inforabilia museum on New York's Lower East Side. Coleman, a painter and performance artist was "banned in Boston" and censored by "Price is Right" Bob Barker for his on stage "Geeking Rats" and "Exploding Human" performances. An actor in Shadows in the City. Coleman will give you a psychological and physical tour through the abandoned apartment of Daniel Rakowitz (named the "Monster of Tompkins Square Park" by the press.) Visit Joe's art opening downtown and meet New York notables. This tape profiles Joe Coleman's artistic, eccentric character.

Steven Oddo [29 min]. — A straight looking, handsome, bacon fat white, young "boy next door" cuts himself up, draws his own blood, and gives regurgitation performances. This video features interviews with Oddo who explains his pre-necrophilia fantasies, and views Oddo during sensational stage and roof top dramatisations. A German TV crew called Oddo "A Disturbed Young Man."

Nick Zedd [29 min]. — A no budget film maker and Lower East Side Punk Icon; from whose 1983 image sprang numerous Zedd look-a-like clones. A steadfast member of the New York Film Scene he works constantly with unique spiritual intensity matched only by the rawness of his movies. When Nick, Connoisseur of New York's dark Underground is not travelling the world showing his cinematic East Village generated movies, he can be seen popping in and out of 'frame' at some of the Lower East Side's historical protests and riots. This video lets you hear the young master's voice and shows snips of his movies as he describes himself and his vision.

Nick Zedd with gunNick Zedd shadows
Nick Zedd with gun | Nick Zedd shadow
Real Story behind Nick Zedd’s Cause of Death at 63

Dinkinsville [29 min]. — The Mayor of New York called the homeless living in Tompkins Square Park "worse than hardened criminals" - an unusual point of view for someone whose job is to deal with poverty in a realistic way. So as a tribute to the Mayor, the homeless named their Shanty Town 'Dinkinsville.' When NYPD troops marched down the street, there was nowhere left to go, so the homeless used scorched earth techniques to short change the Police assigned to tear them from their cardboard and scrap wood shacks and throw them back on the streets. This video shows the events of that night and the next day.

Camcorder War [59 min]. — This is the story of Clayton Patterson who videotaped the Police Riot at Tompkins Square Park in 1988 and how he came to spend twenty days in jail because of this tape, and because of subsequent arrests - as a target of the Police Department. The video shows part of the Police Riot, and some of Clayton's 9 arrests (23 charges - all but one later dismissed). It will explain why it happened in the Lower East Side and what it means to have a militarized neighborhood Police Department.

G.G. Allin [59 min]. — "Punk rock's violent man found dead in East Village". This tape, shows G.G. Allin's last concert twelve hours before his death in New York. "G.G. Allin died as he lived. Backed by his band the Murder Junkies, he had only gotten as far as the second song in his set at the Gas Station before he began fighting with his audience." Followed by his fans he ran, naked, into the streets.

Highlights from meetings of the Tattoo Society of New York.

Mickey the "Pope" of Pot (Marijuana) - interview with real life adventures and arrests.

Emil Di Antonio, underground film maker - interview.

Making of Shadows in the City, underground cult classic movie, 1991-92.

Pyramid Archives-Drag Queen performances.

Jim Powers the world famous "Mosaic Man" - at work interview.

Street music, street performers on the Lower East Side.

Views of the L.E.S., Music, Magic, Parades, Fairs, etc.

Satan's Sinners, a Lower East Side gang - Sidewalk Commandos.

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