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New York, 2020 | 18:22 min

Clayton Patterson: Working on a new idea with an old friend... this is the first experiment. This is a collection of photos from various points of time in the Lower East East of Manhattan. Future Slide Shows will specifically themed.

Photos Clayton Patterson | Produced by Elsa Rensaa | Production assistant Ron Zonie
Music "76 Alarms". Burning Buddha


Brad Bako: Awesome
Michael Koehler: Nice job.... TRUE NYC/ LES legend!
Mark Pellici: Clayton is the best photographer...
Clayton Patterson: thanks Mark... coming from you means a lot.
David Sorcher: Wow! That's quite a bit of LES history right there.
Fitzy Fitz: Great memories! Allen Ginsberg, Fran, Junior!!!! So many faces from my past. Thanks!
Raymond Metrulis: No rush, Clayton. Really. Enjoyed slide show so much. Almost, like being there? But, you took photos of me and ex wife on corner, near Houston, I believe? Like 1993, or something? I will wait, to see. Know, crazy difficult, to find? I, don't remember what I looked like! My ex looks like Shelley Duval. I probably wearing ball cap. I think was on allen? Good luck. You'll know it, when you see it. Will be worth it? Thanks, dude.
Raymond Metrulis: And, thank you, for photo Rene Ricard! And, Eugene.
Raymond Metrulis: More...
Madeline Bresler: Your work makes me nostalgic for a place that only exists in memories and photographs anymore.