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THE LA2-KEITH HARING STORY | Just an oversight?
New York, 2018 | 9:30 min

Circular on August 7, 2018

In this movie referencing some photos from books - Keith Haring by Jeffrey Deitch, Suzanne Geiss, Julia Gruen in cooperation with the Estate of Keith Haring & Keith Haring Elisabeth Sussman Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.  The card, for an LA2 show at the Clayton Gallery, clearly makes the point: where is the LA2 credit? Is from  a Museums City of New York pamphlet. And images from the internet.

The movie is to question the ways LA2, Angel Ortiz, has been robbed of his place in art history, his copyright (“As a co-author of these works, Mr. Ortiz has a right of attribution under the Visual Artists Rights Act, 17 U.S.C. § 106A(a).”). LA2 has been robbed of his identity and his contribution to making the Keith Haring success story. He was Keith Haring’s partner and collaborator and not a work for hire. Even the break out Keith Haring solo art show at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery was a 2 person show, featuring LA2 and Keith Haring.

Why would the Whitney Museum, the Keith Haring Foundation, and Jeffrey Deitch create an art history book so shockingly delinquent in giving artists credits? In general, I can teach someone in a minute or less how to tell which works are LA2 Keith Haring collaborations.  Why can't these books tell?

It is time that people in positions of authority and power stood up and worked to right this wrong. Finally, give LA2 his rightful credit.

The vase with Fab Five Freddy is all LA2.

thanks clayton

Keith Haring pict 1
Keith Haring pict 2
Keith Haring pict 3
Keith Haring pict 4
Keith Haring pict 5
Keith Haring pict 6
Keith Haring pict 7
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