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New York, 1988 | Trailer | 3:03 min

Tompkins Square Park Police Riot August 1988 [90 min] The controversial videomaker that has been the focus of the Court battle between the authorities and its maker. The tape was first shown at a special showing at the Millennium on September 19th to an overflow crowd. It wasn't a cliff hanger, but few fell asleep last night at a public screening of a videotape of the Tompkins Square Park Riot. Patterson said: "I want to show the tape to the public so that the People would be the Grand Jury. This was a military action on the Streets of New York and you can see that." - Sharon Broussard (Daily News, Sept. 20, 1988) This is the shortened version of the 'Riot' - the original is 3 hrs and 33 mins.