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With a performance by Ryan Berg featuring Chuck Carbia and Kelly Boehmer
PRIVATEER GALLERY | 470 Jefferson Str. #211 | Brooklyn, NY 11237 | Nov 16 to Dec 15, 2008

Roger Palmer:
"They put a dead man next to the sprinkler and his head grew roots
but he did not produce flowers the first year," 2007,
pure pigments on rag, 40" x 26"

Groupshow with Derrick Adams, Neil Bender, Ryan Berg, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Jason Irwin, Luisa Kazanas, Lars Kremer, Sean McCarthy, Roger Palmer, Clayton Patterson, Lamar Peterson, Peter Saul,
and Todd White

Social outsiders, fetish freaks, mutants, monsters, talking monkeys, wizards and the undead converge on Privateer. Two themes emerge from these collected works: an examination of the body and an exploration of social order. For some, the body is the subject of an experiment, used as a tool to reconcile one's existence. It is opened up and pulled apart, then sewn back together in a new order. Others place characters within an imagined narrative, where the collision of irrationality and aggression results from the violence of groupthink, power and war. As an expression of the human condition, the body and the collective become sites for manipulation and freakish transcendence.

Los Angeles-based artist Ryan Berg will perform Yours Truly, a one-night event featuring Chuck Carbia and Kelly Boehmer.