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L.E.S. Riot Era: Artists 1988 - 2008
SUPREME TRADING | 213 North 8 Street | Williamsburg | Brooklyn, NY 11211 | October 9 to 31, 2009

Metropolis Apocalypse poster

INTRODUCTION: In collaboration with Chris Caggiano and Jan Van Woensel, Johnny V organizes METROPOLIS APOCALYPSE at the Supreme in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Johnny V has been at the artistic and political forefront in New York City, most notably for his involvement in the underground Squatter/Punk movement. His ATTACK Art Show brought together these volatile elements and granted them voice, presenting works by artists who literally Assaulted the Senses.

METROPOLIS APOCALYPSE (L. E. S. Riot Era Artists 1988-2008) in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riots. With recent input from Genesis P-Orridge ,is dedicated to the loving memory of LADY JAYE BREYER P-ORRIDGE.

METROPOLIS APOCALYPSE reflects the continuing struggle against gentrification spearheaded by a generation of artists and musicians on Manhattan's Lower East Side.;

ARTISTS IN THE SHOW: Ron English/Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (of Psychic TV)/ Kevin FA-Q/Renna Zimmerman/ Thom Corn/ Dianne Bowen/ Dennis McNett/ Morrie Cramer/ Tony Wells/ Clayton Patterson/ Michael Roman/ Linus Coraggio/ Toyo Tsuchiya (Rivington School)/ Shalom Neuman/ Bob Barry/ John John Jesse (Nausea)/ Lauren Utter/ Victor Venom/ Bob Griffith/ Aaron Thompson (les nyc art)/ James Romberger/ Marguerite Van Cook/ Crosby Romberger/ Peter Missing/ Rupi Wegener/ Agni Zotis/ PondScum (Marvel Comics)/ Victor Poison Tete (Rat At Rat R)/ Paulo Pelosini/ Leah Tinari/ Greg Blaylock/ Chris Herbeck/ Robert Friedrich/ Chris Coffey/ Paula Rossi/ Ed Reicher (Fester)/ Glenn Cherney/ Ned Lindsay/ Dennis Yi/ Aaron Sinift/ Mac MacGill (WWIII Illustrated)/ FLY/ Eric Drooker/ Stephen Blickenstaff (Cramps cover artist Bad Music for Bad people)/ Dr. Zian Saxon/ Lawrence Van Abbema/ Pat Attack/ Tim McVicker/ Shawn McVicker/ Chris Caggiano (Iconicide)/ JohnnyV/ slUg/ John NIkolai/ Jason Ryan/ Toddi Distraughti/ Aurora Nocturnal/ Pat Moreta/ Robert Swanson/ Daryl LeVare/ John Czop (DC/ Marvel Comic Artist)/ Brett Kahler/ Jenniferocity/ M. Apparition/ Paul Garrin/ Julian (Snake Thrower)/ Jason Mitchell/ Brian Trash/ Eric Anderer/ Rob Ehrler/ Rupert Picott/ Stephen Ritterspoon/ Elena DeRosa/ Mo Browne/ Lori Lamson/ Martha McDonald/ Tony Santana/ Amy Toxic/ Loren Marks/ Jan Van Woensel & Katrina Duesterhaus/ Surreal Hazard/ Jen Allen/ Cedric Allen Hills/ Charles Lundergan/ Kirsten Flaherty/ Shanna Maurizi/ Anonymous (Street Artists)/ Plus More Special Guests to be announced...