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Groupshow with Miriam Bloom, Kurt Novak, Sam Goodman, Karen Shaw,
Bill Barrell, Herbert Reichert, Nancy Cohen, D. Copobianco, Mimi Gross,
Ron Morosan, Barbara Stork, Boris Lurie, Bill Rodwell, Sherry Hendrick,
and others [Clayton Patterson invited and delated]
GALLERY GERTRUDE STEIN | 56 West 57th Street | New York, NY 10019 | May through June, 2000


From Kosovo to Chechnya people are driven out of homes and communities and forced to live in improvised camps. In the USA an unannounced war is carried on against workers and the poor by a techno-corporate state with a "change is good" slogan that disguises domination and consumer brainwashing. A corporate mafia of techno-industrial nations creates the World Trade Organization and the World Bank to exploit third world nations in the name of progress and impose a media-commodity culture on them.

As global domination becomes more and more our reality, we are left with nothing but the road. But where do we go? Is there any place that misses the hand of the corporate media culture.?

At Gallery: Gertrude Stein, on May 18th, a group exhibition of art will open in which the suitcase is presented as a symbol of displacement and dislocation. Today the condition of the American artist is one of displacement. Constantly followed by developers and speculators, the American artist is displaced from studio and community. Even the life of the artists is now viewed a commodity of life-style development suitable for exploitation by interior designers and fashion mongers. Today the American artist is on the run. They are without art community or studio.

What do they do? They pack their suitcases. They work out of suitcases. They create art worlds in suitcases. Will the future see artists as gypsy communities constantly on the run? Or will it face extinction by a corporate art world of hired teams of art designers, programmed to devise commercialized art scenes and designer art, in a Disney-style development.

This exhibition is about the independent spirit of the artist. It is about the fact that some artists will endure under all conditions, and that the spirit of art is something that cannot be commodified or rationalized into a software program.

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