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Screening Clayton Pattersons Film CAPTURED
KulturLaden WESTEND | Ligsalzstr. 44 | Munich | October 26, 2012

PLOT:CAPTURED | Documentary USA 2008, 84 min. | Directors: D. Levin, Ben Solomon | Original with German subtitles | A portrait of videographer Clayton Patterson, who has been documenting the transformation of New York's Lower East Side since the late 1970s. The footage begins in the last era of raw creativity and lawlessness in a neighborhood that was famous for art, music and revolutionary spirit. Clayton Patterson captured a dark yet colorful society | from drag queens to hardcore, via heroin, homelessness and social unrest - which step by step gave way to the "new" chic and expensive Lower East Side.

Flyer Kulturladen 2012 - click on image to enlarge
Flyer Kulturladen 2012 - click on image to enlarge
FLYER | click on image to enlarge

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la mirada distinta is a series of events that we organize in collaboration with the Kulturladen Westend. For several years now, we have been putting together film series with different focal points. This fall we are showing films about the diversity of struggles for social,political and cultural emancipation in the United States over the past decades.

Social resistance and political struggles are a natural part of U.S. history. The spectrum of civil and militant struggle ranges from campaigns against racism and police violence, to environmental movements, union struggles, protests by gay activists against persecution and discrimination, and demands for queer feminist positions. Many of the political struggles in the U.S. were impulses for protest movements in the FRG.
With our film series, we want to present a counter-position to the usual image of the USA, which rarely takes into account the heterogeneity and the different lifeworlds of the US population.

All screenings take place in the Kulturladen Westend, Ligsalzstraße 44 (back building).

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[Film starts every Friday at 8 pm.]:

05.10.2012 : SALT OF THE EARTH | Spielfilm 1953, OmdU
12.10.2012 : NO MORE SMOKE SIGNALS | Dokumentarfilm 2008, OmdU
19.10.2012 : THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND | Dokumentarfilm 2002, OmdU
26.10.2012 : CAPTURED | Dokumentarfilm 2008, OmdU
02.11.2012 : LIVE NUDE GIRLS UNITE | Dokumentarfilm 2000, OoU
23.11.2012 : AMERICAN DREAM | Dokumentarfilm 1990, OmdU
30.11.2012 : THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK | Dokumentarfilm 1984, OmdU
07.12.2012 : ANGELA DAVIS - EINE LEGENDE LEBT | Dokumentarfilm 1998, dt. Fassung
14.12.2012 : MACHETE | Spielfilm 2010, dt. Fassung

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Since its founding in the mid-1970s, the KulturLaden Westend has been committed to engagement and "art and culture from below", as well as to the appropriation and practice of the "classical". "Culture" cannot be secluded, separate from life. It is a part of existence! In the KulturLaden art and culture were and are lived.

The KulturLaden Westend is available to all residents of the neighborhood to hold public events, create communities of interest, make exhibitions, organize workshops, show films, play theater, read aloud, sing along, etc..
You will be supported by the store team, which is made up of the users and also takes care of the administration on a voluntary basis. The event room can be decorated and furnished according to your needs. Room and program costs are covered by a subsidy from the City of Munich.

The events are mostly free of charge, occasionally a small fee is charged.

Every first Wednesday of the month, from 19:00 - 20:00, there is an open program planning meeting for the following month. Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Questions of a reading worker

Who built the seven-gated Thebes?
The names of kings are written in the books.
Did the kings bring the boulders?
And Babylon, destroyed several times,
Who rebuilt it so many times ? In which houses
Of golden Lima did the builders dwell ?
Where did the masons go the night
the Great Wall of China was finished?
The masons? (...)
Bertolt Brecht

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