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ADIDAS SOHO STORE | 136 Wooster St | New York | September 20, 2012 # 7-10 pm

VIDEO 1:42 min


REVIEW by MASS APPEAL: On Thursday night adidas Originals SoHo store in New York City celebrated a decade at  its Wooster Street location and Mass Appeal was on hand for the festivities.  No ordinary party the classic brand  paid tribute to New York’s rich culture with an exhibition curated by DJ and man about town  Ben Solomon and Nicolas Atkins. “HERE WE GO AGAIN: A Visual History of the Past 3 Decades of New York City” featured the work of legendary LES photographer and documentarian Clayton Patterson, visual artist turned rising music star Kilo Kish, Seven’s Clash photo Alexander Richter, style king Moredechai Rubenstein and Arab Parrot among others. The space filled quickly with NY luminaries and the young, cool crowd took in the sights on the walls and the sounds provided by DJ Stretch Armstrong. See pics of the event and  watch video of Ben Solomon, Nicolas Atkins and Clay Patterson explain why is was important for them to rep NY with the exhibition.—MASS APPEAL, New York

REVIEW by COUNTERCICKS: Today marks the 10th anniversary of the iconic adidas Originals store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood and to commemorate the milestone, they held a special event at the store last night. “HERE WE GO AGAIN: A Visual History of the Past Three Decades of New York City”, an exhibition curated by Ben Solomon and Nicolas Atkins, featuring works by Clayton Patterson, Bijoux Altamirano, Arab Parrot, Cheryl Dunn, Mordechai Rubenstien, Guess, Daniel B. Levin, Julia Willoughby Nason , Shadi, Angela Boatwright, Nathaniel Matthews, Kish Robinson and Alexander Richter. The retrospective, which celebrates the past three decades of New York City, was the first time the public was able to lay their eyes on the limited edition 10th anniversary NY Rivalry Lo, which dropped this morning, exclusively at the adidas Originals store in SoHo.

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