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ComFest | 120 W Goodale St | Columbus, OH 43215 | Victorian Village, Short North | June 22-24, 2012


INFORMATION: Indie filmmaker Clayton Patterson is a long-time ComFest friend and we've invited him back for our 40th. Patterson will show and discuss his film "Captured" at Solar Stage on Friday night. He will also join in some discussions in the Shelter House throughout the weekend. (See Archives Schedule.)You will likely see Clayton in the park shooting pictures when he isn't engaged in a workshop. His footage of ComFest's past is part of the treasure trove being explored for the upcoming film about the history of ComFest by local film producer Seth Motherman. Patterson and Motherman will team up for at least two discussions of independent filmmaking during ComFest weekend.

CAPTURED | Solar Stage | Friday, June 22 at 9:30 pm

COMFEST poster
ComFest poster 2012

FOOTAGE from the Comfest Archives: The 1980s | Shelterhouse | Saturday, June 23 at noon

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ABOUT COMFEST: ComFest in Columbus, also known as Community Festival’s Street Fair, has worked very diligently the past 37 years within the communities. Volunteers play a major role in the festival and help keep things running smoothly. This event is about more than being a festival, it is also about living a different way, having compassion, tolerance, thoughtfulness and giving. ComFest plays a major role in peace and social justice in the state of Ohio. Their views of politics, social relations, art and sexuality are at a different level than corporate sponsored festivals. A description I read was "It’s a Party with a Purpose" and they’re committed to "living authentically with trust in others for at least three days." It’s one of the largest, if not the largest, showcase for artists and musicians. This year there will be over 200 performing acts on seven stages. There will also be more vendors this year. Solar Stage will be expanded this year and include workshops by Ohio Green Living. The workshops will focus on local and healthy food; natural healing and wellness; alternative energy and transportation issues; and green living lifestyle choices.

When we thought about why Alive readers named Comfest the city’s best festival, we came up with a lot of reasons it’s also readers’ favorite place for people watching. Sure, you’ll see people dancing, hopping, nodding and otherwise jamming to great music. But pet pythons and painted ladies (and we’re not talking houses) are also part of the landscape. Sheer numbers give this festival a boost for people watching: You could pull up a lawn chair and gaze for hours without repeating the same scene.

The Community Festival known as ComFest takes place every June in Columbus, Ohio, where topfreedom for women has long been legal. At ComFest it's common, sometimes with body paint, sometimes without. This year there were a few twists. had a booth there. In addition, two women, one from Columbus, one from Louisville, in neighbouring Kentucky, organized a breastfeeding event in Goodale Park. One of them, Lauren Damon, was kind enough to send us many pictures from it. The other, Tiffany Deering, also wrote about the experience..