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Documentary by Daniel B. Levin, Ben Solomon, and Jenner Furst
New York 2008 | 82 min
BABYLON Kino | Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30 | Berlin-Mitte
June 20 #22:00 h | June 29 #19:30 h | July 1 #19:30 h | July 3 #19:30 h

Captured poster | Babylon Kino, Berlin 2011

INFORMATION: Famous for its music and art scene, New York's Lower East Side is also repeatedly a flashpoint for conflicts between residents and authorities living there. This colorful as well as gritty part of Manhattan has been documented by Clayton Patterson since 1979. From drag queens to hardcore musicians, from homeless people to heroin addicts, Patterson's photographs penetrate the most hidden corners. The documentary CAPTURED not only accompanies him on his forays through the Lower East Side, but also shows Patterson's important role as chronicler and advocate of these lively neighbors.