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    the strategic
    juncture where
    artistic production
    and socio-cultural
    action meet.


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ABU-LUGHOD, Janet L.: From Urban Village to East Village. The battle for New York’s
      Lower East Side
. Published in Oxford, UK ; Cambridge, USA : Blackwell, November 1994.

AMATEAU, Albert: Sex-aussault attempt. The Villager, Police Blotter, Vol. 78, no. 26,
      November 26 - December 2, New York 2008.

ANDERSON, Lincoln: Auction disrupted, but Charas is sold. The Villager, New York,
      July 22, New York, 1998.

— : The sign that launched 1,000 business news stories. The Villager, Vol. 77, no. 38,
      February 20-26, New York 2008.

— : Documentarian is detained on street’s shot for years. The Villager, Vol. 78, no. 8,
      July 23-29, New York 2008.

— : L.E.S. documentarian is leaving, but first, Ackers. The Villager, May 22, New York 2008.
— : Police just went bananas, says L.E.S. photographer. The Villager, Vol. 79, no. 42,
      March 24-30, New York 2014.

—  and WU, Rita: Front Door Book offers window into community. Thrive,
      New York, November 2009.

ANNTELOPE: Poems dedicated to Clayton Patterson. Manuscript, New York 2001.
ANONYM: Arrested for taken pictures, New York, July 16, 2008.
— : Judge releases video artist to discuss Tompkins Square case. New York Times,
      September 14, 1988.

— : Captured, book review. am New York, Issue 175, Vol. 3, September 8, 2005.
— : 20 Years after the Tompkins Square Police Riot, Shadow magazine, issue 53,
      New York, August 2008.
— : An evening of mourning for the Lower East Side. The New York Observer,
      August 7, 2008.

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ASSOCIATED PRESS: Grand Jury denied videotape. New York Times, August 21, 1988.

BAXTER, Bob: Tattoo Hall of Fame. Top 1001 mist influential people, in Tattoing: #46
      Clayton Patterson. Tattoo Chronicles, The Vanishing Tattoo, Vancouver, 2010.

BLOWDRYER, Jennifer: The Sino-French connection. Eating the Lower East Side with
      Clayton Patterson
. New York Press, Vol. 17, no. 32, 2004.

BUCKLEY, Branwen: Clayton Patterson: a film/video history of the Lower East Side.
      gothamist, art and events, August 26, New York, 2005.

CARR, Cynthia: Ideas of the Skies, A happening at the Angel Orensanz Foundation.
      The Villager, Sept 13, New York, 2006.

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CHAN, Sewell: Once upon a radical time on the Lower East Side. City Room Blogs,
      New York Times, June 27, 2007.

CHEVALIER, Remy: Clayton Patterson's Captured. Yahoo!Groups, Rally to end secrecy,
      March 9, Connecticut 2009.

COBURN, Jesse: Captured at New Museum theater. The Tony Blog, New York,
      August 27, 2008.

COMITINI, Peter: East Village memory., September 14, New York, 2007.

DENTLER, Matt: Clayton Patterson is 'Captured'. Matt Dentler's Blog, New York,
      March 27, New York 2009.

DISSER, Nicole: Clayton Patterson Fights ‘Homogenization, Destruction of Anything
      Independent and Outside’
. Bedford + Bowery, New York, August 6, 2015

DITTERT, Anette: Das Ende der Bowery. Abschied von der wilden Zeit. German television,
      ARD 1, July 21, 2007. (in German)

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DWYER, Jim: Police infiltrate protest. New York Times, December 22, 2005.

ELIE: Clayton Patterson's door becomes newest portal, Bowery Boogie, New York,
      August 13, 2013

FEAST, Jim: Patterson's Front Door. Artscape Magazine, New York, Winter 09/10.
FEMINIST: Resistance, Lower East Side's story from many perspectives.
      amazon, customer review, September 20, 2007.

      and Photographer, Plans to Leave the Lower East Side for Europe
      New York Times, April 4, 2014

FLASH, Chris: Tompkins Square Park police riot of 1988, What happened one hot summer
      night in 1988
, Shadow magazine, issue 53, New York, August 2008

FRENCH, Howard W.: Artist defends refusal to give up melee tape. New York Times,
      September 4, 1988.

GAVIN, Francesca: Clayton Patterson, Shoot to Thrill. Dazin, New York, Nov 14, 2016
GREEN, Nick: Tonight Marks the 23rd Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riot.
      The Village Voice Blog, New York, Sat., Aug. 6 2011 at 11:49 am

HARVEY, Matt: The East Village isn't what it used to be ... and it never was.
      New York Press, issue October 12, 2008.

HAYS, Constance L.: Man held for not giving jury Tompkins Square tape. New York Times,
        September 2, 1988.

— : Man jailed for refusing to give up melee tape. New York Times, September 7, 1988.
— : Artist surrenders videotape of clash in Tompkins Square. New York Times,
      September 17, 1988.

HERMAN, Jan: Little bro’s vs. big bro’. Artsjournal weblog, April 23, 2008.
— : Legends of the Lower East Side: Clayton Patterson and confedrates.
      Huffington Post, New York, December 20, 2011.

HOFFMANN, Bill: Cops bust activist fotog at riot, New York Post, February 9, 1989.
HUBNER, Drew: Purple Majesty, East of Bowery blogspot, New York, December 5, 2008.

JAMES, George: Ward sending unit to Tompkins Square to fight drug trade.
      New York Times, September 9, 1988.

JULIAN, Michael: Clayton: Takin' it to the streets. The Village Sun, Oct 15, 2019.

KATZ, David H.: All sides of Lower East Side film scene in new book. The Villager, Vol 75,
      no. 15, August 31 - September 6, New York, 2005.

KIFNER, John: Worlds collide in Tompkins Square. New York Times, July 31, 1989.
KING, Alex: Clayton Patterson's last days. Huck Magazine, issue 49, London, Jan 2015.
— : Clayton Patterson raises the ghosts of the Lower East Side’s anarchic past.
      Huck Magazine, London, July 2, 2015.

KNIPFEL, Jim: Wildstyle. The history of a new idea. Freakshow-Euro primitive is born.
      New York Press, Vol. 19, no. 22, June 2003.

— : Captured - A Lower East Side film and video history. New York Press, Vol. 18,
      no. 31, August 18, 2005.

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      artists community
. New York, 2001, second edition.

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      no. 23, Oct 2, New York, 2005.

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      August 26, 1992.

LEWIS, Steve: If at first you do succeed try, try again. Clayton Patterson captured again., July 30, New York, 2008.

— : 'Captured' and The New Downtowners., March 31, New York 2009.
LURIE, Boris: Hommage to Clayton Patterson. Catalog NO!art show no. 3,
      Janos Gat Gallery, New York, 1998.

LUKE: The evolution of the Lower East Side captured by Clayton Patterson. Lifelounge,
      Australia, July 8, 2009.

MAURER, Daniel: Relive the Tompkins Square Park Riots in their bloody entirety,
      25 years later
. Bedford + Bowery, New York, July 17, 2013.

— : Crackup at the riots: 11 laughs from the '88 Tompkins Square Park Riot.
      Bedford + Bowery, New York, August 7, 2013.

McFADDEN, Robert D.: 'Day of outrage' march ends in violence. New York Times,
      September 1, 1989.

McGINLEY, Ryan: 'LOVE CITY' 24 hours of romance, lust and heartache in New York.
      New York Times Magazine, June 6, 2018.

MEREDITH, Emily: Stop watching me: Lower East Side rabble rousers rally at City Hall.
      New York Press Blog, April 4, 2008.

MICHAEL: Clayton Patterson: Captured: A Film/Video History of the Lower Side,
      Nova Clutch Culture Space, August 6, New York 2008.

MILLER, Carlos: NYC documentary filmmaker arrested for taking photos on public street.
      Photography is Not a Crime, July 28, New York 2008.

MOORE, Alan: Clayton Patterson is looking at the Lower East Side. Main Texts Online
      History, May 31, New York 2005.

MOYNIHAN, Colin: Neighborhood report: Lower East Side; cleanup after a fire: Protective
      Suits and fear of hazards
. New York Times, July 25, 1999.

— : Clayton Patterson, lens on the Lower East Side. New York Times, August 8, 1999.
— : A stirring icon that shook things up turns 20. New York Times, April 29, 2002.
— : Sanity hearing revisits killing and dismemberment in East Village. New York Times,
      June 15, 2004.

— : Arts festival in East Village raises doubts after 3 Years. New York Times, Oct 13, 2005.
— : The powdery contents are gone, but the stamp of addiction remains. New York Times,
      August 1, 2006.

— : 20 years after unrest, class tensions have faded and punk rock will be played.
      New York Times, August 2, 2008.

NIETO, Alejandro: Clayton Patterson - Hombre mirando al noreste. Metal, Barcelona, 2008.

ORDEN, Erica: Haring's 'Silent Partner' Speaks, The Sun, New York, Aug 1, 2008.
ORENSANZ, Al: The alternative universe of Clayton Patterson. New York, 2004.

PARMS, Jericho: Rebel with a lens: Neighborhood preservation in the darkness of
      Clayton Patterson
. Critical perspectives on art, politics and culture. The Brooklyn Rail,
      New York,Issue June, 2008.

PIVETT, Ray: Clayton Patteron and the Tompkins Square Park police riot tape.
      The Reeler Blog, August 3, New York, 2007.

ROCCO, Johnny: Scatter My Ashes: About Clayton Patterson. The Bowery Boys, July 10,
      New York, 2012.

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      issue winter 2000/2001, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, 2000.

ROSE, Brian: Clayton Patterson exhibition at Kinz, Tilliou and Feigen. Journal blog,
      September 30, New York, 2007.

RUPANI-SMITH, Sylvia: On Homelessness, Street Style and Drugs. Multimedia feature,
      New York Times,September 24, New York, 2009.

SANDHU, Sukhdev: New York Blues. Is the Big Apple losing its creative touch.
      New Statesman, Sept 27, London, 2007.

SHAPIRO, Gary: An underground scene celebrates aboveground. The New York Sun,
      August 25, 2005.

SMITH, Nancy: The Pattrick Griffin opening. artloversnewyork, August 15, New York, 2008.
STRAUSBAUGH, John: The Lower East Side, up close and personal. New York Times,
      August 25, 2005.

— : Paths of resistance in the East Village. New York Times, September 14, 2007.
— : The Lower East Side, before it boomed. New York Times, September 24, 2009.
SULLIVAN, Ronald: 2 policemen are indected in park melee. New York Times,
      December 15, 1988.

THOMAS: Captured - Ein Film über Gentrifizierung. Hauptstadtblog, Kultur, 9. Januar,
      Berlin 2009. (in German)

USZEROWICZ, Monica: Idiom’s Monica Uszerowicz Interviews Clayton Patterson.
      Scroll blog, New York, November 5, 2012.

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VISCO, Gerry: Antiques-and-props man helps photog get his props. downtown express,
      Vol. 20, no. 17, Sept 7-13, New York, 2007.

VOLOJ, Julian: Clayton Patterson: Der Chronist der Lower East Side, tachles Nr. 18,
      Das jüdische Wochenmagazin, Zürich, 3. Mai 2013

WRIGHT, Jeffry Cyphers: Clayton Patterson brings his Outlaw Museum to Chelsea.
      The Villager, Vol. 77, no. 14, September 5-11, New York, 2007.

YAKAS, Ben: Lower East Side Icon Moving To Austrian Alps Because Of Gentrification.
      gothamist, New York, on April 5, 2014.