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By Ben Yakas
in: gothamist, New York on April 5, 2014

Clayton Patterson captured
Clayton's Catcher, photo via Gerry Visco, by Elsaa Rensaa

After 35 years living on the Lower East Side, photographer, artist, and documentarian Clayton Patterson is moving to the Austrian Alps. He's survived Giuliani, the crack epidemic, and 9/11; he's outlasted CBGBs and Mars Bar; he's been arrested dozens of times and come back for more. So what finally broke Patterson? Gentrification. "There's nothing left for me here," he told the Times. "The energy is gone. My community is gone. I'm getting out. But the sad fact is: I didn't really leave the Lower East Side. It left me."

Patterson is profiled in the Times this weekend in a long piece all about his decision to leave his beloved adopted city. The larger-than-life Patterson—who has a distinctive, braided beard, gold teeth, and looks at a glance like a long-lost member of the Hell's Angels—has one final photography show, "$16 Burger," opening in the meatpacking district on April 15th before he leaves.

Patterson sounds depressed by everything happening on the LES: rising rents, the loss of neighborhood institutions, the obscene displays of wealth by new residents, the lack of a creative community, and the death of friends like Taylor Mead. "The fact is, no one gave a damn about Taylor Mead," he said, "and what it made me realize was just how vulnerable people in this city are—even well-known and well-loved people. I might think that I’m the king of the world, but the truth is there’s no appreciation here for what I do or what I’ve done."

"Clayton is the neighborhood—or what’s left of it," added Ron Kolm, a poet, editor, activist and bookseller who once worked at the Strand with Patti Smith. "I guess I always figured that he’d be the last one standing, surrounded by tall buildings. This really is the end of an era."

Something tells us he'll be back though: Patterson talks about how his spirits have been lifted in recent months because he's found a group of artists, musicians, filmmakers and PR people who appreciate him (and helped organize the upcoming show). "It’s exciting," he says at the end of the piece. "It feels like we’ve got youth here—youth, vitality and interest. It’s almost like we’re on the threshold of a new moment. Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of an actual beginning."


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bronxflash physicsandknives : fuck you

mike5054 bronxflash : He is being a baby and over dramatizing. You don't think so. Well you are wrong and being too defensive. This NYC. It fucking changes all the time. Get fucking use to it for move to a remote part of Europe where nothing happens or changes.

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bronxflash mike5054 : I dont think i'm being defensive and the change in nyc in some ways is unprecedented. Honestly i think its part of a major shift in the very nature of cities due to changes in the economy and technology and as a corollary culture itself. You are right, the les i grew up with was a time and a place, but he is hardly being a baby, he is one of the last of the mohicans and another nail in the coffin. A lot of us want to mourn it and if you dont like it then let me know when your mother dies so i can show up at the funeral and tell dirty jokes in the back while the priest talks.

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bronxflash pipokun : exactly. he's the archetype of a transplant becoming a legit new yorker.

mike5054 pipokun : At the end of the day he sounds like a douche saying the only viable place for him now is the Alps.

Swan : That's what happens when you fall too hard for this city. Know your place among the rats.

hello_design : Wish him well, maybe the change of scenery will inspire him more.

Norma Desperate : the Austrian Alps?? well I'm sure he won't have to worry about gentrification there or a $16 burger...

Fantome_NR Norma Desperate : huh?

CrazyPills Norma Desperate : ...yeah, that's the point. Thank you Captain Obvious.

djturnstile : He'll be the first to gentrify Austria!

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sunshine999 : Petals.

bronxflash : sad to hear this. this is very symbolic. a true representative of what was. unfortunately he is right, and for us who care about what was we are living in the past. i wish him the best.

Somewhere : The lower east side is becoming a much more liveable place. I have lived there for more than a decade, and I am enjoying it every time more. I can't complain about gentrification.

Eric Somewhere : WOW 10 whole years! I've been here for 30+ years and you are the people who have made a place that was once full of culture to a place full of yupies. Thanks

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Somewhere Somewhere • a day ago : Eric et al: I am not a whitie nor a yuppie. And having junkies in the street does not mean culture (though you seem to miss the days in which you would not even walk close to Tompkins Square without being mugged). You are full of s***

Eric Somewhere • a day ago : Maybe I was doing the mugging ;)


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