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8 Ball Radio Show New York on November 20, 2019 [64 mins] | Produced by Weston Priest

Clayton Patterson 8ball radio show with Jonathan Shaw

PLOT: Clayton is joined by legendary Tattoo artist and author, Jonathan Shaw, to discuss his career as a tattoo man, as well as the reasons behind his decision to quit tattooing and eventually dedicate his life to writing.
Along the way, Clayton and Jonathan discuss historically important figures in New York tattooing's colorful history like Spider Webb, Greg Irons, Bob Shaw -- and more. Including how Shaw started Fun City, his creation of neo-tribal tattoos, & detailing the process of founding "International Tattoo Art", the first widely-spread magazine devoted to solely tattooing in the 1980s.
We also delve a bit into Shaw's literary career, tracing over his influences, his early fascination with comic books, and how his passions for illustration and story-telling collided through the medium of comic book reading and making. Shaw also sheds light on his process in regards to his writing, including the fact that he wrote his first book on a blackberry!

Jonathan Dowling Shaw (born July 4, 1953) is an American tattoo artist and writer. He founded New York City's oldest tattoo shop, Fun City Tattoo, in 1976, before tattooing was legal in the city. more

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