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8 Ball Radio Show New York on April 12, 2019 [87 mins]

Coss Marte, Keith Brooks and Debra Granlk

COSS MARTE is a 3 time felon who, after serving a 10 year prison sentence, started his own fitness company, Coss Athletics. The former drug kingpin's company markets a "prison style" boot camp based on his workout routine behind bars.
Early Life: Marte grew up in Manhattan's Lower East Side. He was regularly exposed to drugs, violence and poverty. His role models quickly became drug dealers that introduced him to the lucrative business. Starting at the age of 13, he began selling marijuana and cocaine near his neighborhood corner store. At the age of 19, Marte was raking in over $2 million a year.
Arrest: At age 23, Coss was caught in a drug sting and sentenced to seven years in prison. At 5' 8" and 230 pounds, Coss was informed by prison doctors if he did not begin leading a healthier lifestyle he "might not live to be released." Coss didn't want to die behind bars, so he began working out; in a period of six months, Coss lost over 70 pounds. After an incident in which an officer believed Coss was charging at him (in actuality, Coss was bending over to pick up his glasses that had fallen), three years were tacked onto Coss' prison sentence.
Release: After serving a decade in jail, Coss felt inspired to continue and capitalize on the fitness regimen he crafted in prison. He consequently founded Coss Athletics, an exercise program he brands as a "prison style bootcamp." He has about 400 clients, holds 14 classes a week and has two trainers working under him.
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DEBRA GRANIK (born February 6, 1963) is an American New York City-based independent film and documentary film director and screenwriter. She is most known for 2004's Down to the Bone, which starred Vera Farmiga, 2010's Winter's Bone, which starred Jennifer Lawrence in her breakout performance and for which Granik was nominated for Academy Award ... IMDb + wikipedia

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