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8 Ball Radio Show New York on January 15, 2019 [79 mins]

Tommy< Houlihan, Wes Wood and Clayton

PLOT: Clayton is joined by Tommy Houlihan & Wes Wood. Houlihan has worked as a tattoo artist for 30 years, and is the owner of Times Square Tattoo. Wes Wood, a frequent guest of the show, is the owner of Unimax Tattoo Supply. The trio discuss Houlihan's life growing up in Hell's Kitchen, his accomplished career as a tattoo artist, how tattooing has changed his life and Wood's life & more.

Tommy Houlihan was born in Hell's Kitchen in 1970, a neighborhood that, just like the Lower East Side, has undergone immense change since the 70s. Tommy is the son of Tom Houlihan Sr. who was a member of the infamous New York City Irish gang called the "Westies". He has worked in shops across New York City for roughly 30 years and has never stopped tattooing -- besides a stint on Rikers Island. He shares vivid stories of his career as a tattoo artist, in which he's seen all steps of the transformation of the art.
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