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8 Ball Radio Show New York on November 19, 2018 [77 mins] | Produced by Weston Priest

Clayton Patterson 8ball radio show with Jack Wesley Friedman

PLOT: Clayton is joined by documentary filmmaker, Jack Wesley Friedman. Friedman is a fifth-generation New Yorker and creator of "The Cobble Stone Wars", a mini-series documentary on NYC's underworld circa 1900. The documentary details the history of Manhattan that existed in between The Five Points and the emergence of the Mob. The period in the early 1900s is described by Friedman as "the birth of the American Gangster", and the first installment of The Cobble Stone Wars series centers around Monk Eastman -- a Jewish gang leader who ran organized crime on the Lower East Side. Friedman's documentary uncovers members, like Eastman, of the city's underworld that are largely forgotten in the landscape of NYC gang history.

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Jack Wesley Friedman THE COBBLESTONE WARS (2018, 30 minutes, digital)

Screening at Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003 on January 9, 2019 at 9:15 PM

"The Cobblestone Wars" is a true crime documentary series highlighting New York’s underworld during the 1900’s and teens..

ABOUT THE DOCUMENTARY: "The Cobblestone Wars" is an archival documentary that uses narration and illustration to tell the story of Manhattan and Brooklyn's underworld during the early 1900’s. This is the birth of the American Gangster and although many books have been written and many movies made, numerous key figures from this era have gone missing. Characters like Monk Eastman who ran the lower east side alongside others carved out sections of Manhattan as their turfs. These hoodloms grew in numbers as the skyscrapers started to bloom. This was the birth of Modernism and New York City as we know it today.

The Eastman Gang's Headquarters, Chrystie Street, Manhattan 1901
The Eastman Gang's Headquarters, Chrystie Street, Manhattan 1901

It’s more than just the stories of the gangsters, It’s New York City as a whole. Other crucial moments of New York will be addressed including the Birth of Electricity, the General Slocum Disaster, the Triangle Fire, Audrey Munson, and Coney Island. It’s an endless list of health hazards and political incorrectness. It’s without a doubt New York’s most forgotten time period.

The Bowery at Grand Street, Manhattan 1905
The Bowery at Grand Street, Manhattan 1905

Production of the film will consist of archival, chronological illustrative and documentary footage. The funds will pay for archival illustration, narration, editing, production, post production and distribution. In addition various authors on the subjects will be interviewed. Books such as Monk Eastman: The Gangster Who Became a War Hero by Neil Hanson and The Starker: New York City’s First Great Gangster Boss by Rose Keefe will help build the narrative. With your help, we can make this documentary a reality. Your support will do more than make a documentary. It will forever enrich the lives of those looking to seek information on the origins of the New York Gangster.

The Tombs, New York 1900's

This forgotten history of the New York underworld will finally be told.

Vaudeville at Union Square, Manhattan 1910
Vaudeville at Union Square, Manhattan 1910

Kid Dropper's funeral, Manhattan 1923

There are very little risks and challenges. Working on this project for over 8 years I know exactly what story has to be told. I've amassed an encyclopedia of information and have sorted it into a clear 30 page narrative. I have illustrators, editors, producers and an incredibly talented team ready to tackle this project. The only obstacles that could present themselves would be licensing issues or a lack of involvement from various authors I plan to interview on the subject.

Additional risks such as not gaining rights to archival footage won’t be a problem as the New York Public library has a massive library with images and video that are now public domain. Any production issues such as editing, sound or illustration would be an easy fix as I have a large list of production resources here in New York City.

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