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CLAYTON show with Jimmy Webb
8 Ball Radio Show New York on Oct 8, 2018 [66 mins] | Produced by Weston Priest

Patterson's 8ball radio show with Jimmy Web

PLOT: Clayton is joined by Jimmy Webb -- a neighborhood icon of the Lower East Side and Saint Mark's (having spent many years working as the face of Trash and Vaudeville), a champion of the attitude and style of punk and rock&roll, and a stylist who has worked with countless artists from The Ramones to Debby Harry to Lil Wayne to Beyonce. Now he has his own store on 75A Orchard St called "I Need More".
Clayton and Jimmy discuss Jimmy's journey from, as he calls it, a "hillbilly town upstate", at sixteen years old, to Florida first, and eventually to New York City. Jimmy details his battles with drugs, at a time living in a box in Tompkins Square Park -- as well as detailing his fascination and love for punk rock, his success styling rockstars & more.

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Neighborhood Punk Icon Jimmy Webb Loses Battle with Cancer (RIP)
By Staff, Bowery Boogie on April 15, 2020
Jimmy Webb, the flamboyant punk whose Lower East Side boutiques captured the essence of rock and roll, passed away yesterday morning after a battle with stomach cancer.
He was 62, and had apparently been fighting the disease for a couple years. No official statement had been made about his death.
Messages are pouring in about Jimmy Webb, a local fashion icon who had seen it all.
In 1975, Webb ran away from his upstate home at age 16 with a pillowcase of clothes and no money. But he quickly settled and found refuge in the East Village punk scene, becoming one of its most recognizable denizens. Webb later fell into heroin addiction for 20 years and lived in Tompkins Square Park, eventually returning upstate.
He got sober, though, and wrote a letter to the owner of Trash & Vaudeville on St. Mark’s Place, seeking a job. That stint lasted nearly two decades, in which he became manager and primary buyer. Many in the East Village neighborhood knew Webb, and even the stylists of Prince and Lady Gaga purportedly sought his wardrobe advice. Three years ago, after leaving Trash & Vaudeville, Webb opened the spiritual successor, I Need More at 75 Orchard Street. Jimmy was an amazing spirit. I’ll never forget him pointing at me and running around Trash and Vaudeville picking out wild clothes for me to try on. I did buy those vinyl pants. RIP may everyone learn to love life like you did. BoweryBoogie

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