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8 Ball Radio Show New York on April 24, 2018 [76 mins] | Produced by Weston Priest

Patterson's 8ball radio show with Rich Fie, Marvin Moskowitz, Jack Wesley Friedman & Dylan Kraus

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RICH FIE [tattooist]: He is owner of R&D Tattoo in Queens, singer for the New York Hardcore band Caught In A Trap and one of the hosts of the "Neighborhood Knucklehead Podcast".
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MARVIN MOSKOWITZ has been tattooing for over 35 years. Marvin is Long Island's most direct connection to the very roots of Long Island tattooing. He is also a direct connection to the the early days of new york Bowery Tattooing. facebook

JACK WESLEY FRIEDMAN is a fifth-generation New Yorker and creator of "The Cobble Stone Wars", a mini-series documentary on NYC's underworld circa 1900. The documentary details the history of Manhattan that existed in between The Five Points and the emergence of the Mob. more

DYLAN KRAUS is an artist who I can always have a passionate and genuine discussion with about nature. He is someone who I’ll walk away from thinking, “Wow, I love art so much.” Kraus’ passion for art is contagious and it is evident in his latest body of work, entitled: Night Light, a show of small paintings, depicting scenes from nature. He is able to translate the complex, yet simple feelings that come with surrounding oneself in nature; and in doing so, finds the quiet within. ravelin magazine

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