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8 Ball Radio Show New York on January 2, 2018 [68 min]

8ball radio show with Perry Masco

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ABOUT PERRY MASCO: Lead singer Perry Masco, a.k.a. Pee Wee forms the core of Lower East Side doomsday prophets I.C.U. Her rage and pain-filled vocals have been featured since the band's first release for Radical Records in 1993, Defy. That album also featured the work of bassist Eunice Holland, guitarist Marc Laramee and drummer Danny Sykes, making an album that wailed with psychic anguish over humming bass. The group's second album, O No No O Zone, released in 1995, developed that style with an almost completely new lineup. Holland, Laramee and Sykes were replaced by Zoran Bulatovic on bass, Chris Christos on guitar and Sinisa Lucic on drums. The band gained exposure outside of New York for that album when they played the midwestern leg of the Loolapalooza in 1996. For 1999's efforts on Radical, the band's lineup changed again and some powerful figures were brought in to produce their deepest work yet. I.C.U. would have two releases in 1999, a song on the compilation, Punk's Not Dead: a Tribute to the Exploited, and another full-length album, Mad Truth, produced by Wharton Tiers (who had worked previously with Sonic Youth , Helmet and Quicksand) and featuring a new rhythm section: Amanda Topaz on bass and Duard Kleyn on drums. --- Artist Biography by Stacia Proefrock more


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