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8 Ball Radio Show New York on June 8, 2017 [81 min]

8ball radio show with Marvin Moskowitz

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ABOUT MARVIN MOSKOWITZ: I have been putting ink into the skin for over 35 years. I learned the art from my Dad and Uncle (the bowery boys) at the first Tattoo shop on Long Island (S&W Tattoo Studio). I am a third generation tattoo artist.
My name is Marvin and i have been tattooing for over 35 years i AM Long Island's most direct connection to the very roots of Long Island tattooing.I am also a direct connection to the the early days of new york Bowery Tattooing. I am the son of Walter Moskowitz who with his brother Stanly are known as the "Bowery Boys". I learned the trade at my father and uncles tattoo shop (S&W Tattoo Studio) The first EVER tattoo studio on Long Island. I currently work at a tattoo shop located in Rocky Point names Top Hat Tattoo. The Address is 678 Rt. 25a 11778 and the telephone number is (631) 901-8660 If interested in receiving a tattoo in the traditional "Bowery Style" please contact me at the shop with the given number above or my cell phone at (631)-901-8660. more

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