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8 Ball Radio Show New York on February 25, 2017 [59 min]

8ball radio show with Gerry Visco and Clayton Patterson

PLOT: Gerry Visco interviewed the fabulous and amazing iconoclastic artist and writer CLAYTON PATTERSON on Visco Disco The Stupid Show. Clayton Patterson is a NYC Lower East Side icon born October 9, 1948, in Calgary, Canada. Moving to NYC in 1979 his work focused on documenting art life and times of LES in Manhattan. 1994 he organized the first NO!art show in his gallery after 20 NO!years. Works as Documentary Libertarian and Tattoo-artist in New York with his wife Elsa Rensaa and various social groups.

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Portrait Gerry Visco ABOUT GERRY VISCO: Join the Gerry Party! Gerry Visco is fabulous. She’s living the fun life in the fast lane. Illegally blonde and at large on the Upper East Side of New York City. Apart from being a little crazy, she is also a world-wide celebrity. Multi-talented to the extreme, she’s a writer, performer, photographer, and fashionista. Visco has a weekly column, The Bash Compactor, in New York Press, where she covers parties, events, concerts, theater, and the arts. She was nominated for a Glammy for best nightlife journalist in 2010. She’s a noted photographer who was won the Village Voice Best of Award as Bravest Nightlife Photographer of 2010. Her photography has appeared in New York Press, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Try State Magazine, The Daily News, Gawker, Homoneurotic, and numerous blogs. Her photographs can be seen on and she’s approaching 2 million views. She’s exhibited her work at Gallery U in Montclair, New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan, Envoy Gallery and Artflux in New York City. Her performance career began with her role in Woody Allen’s film “Stardust Memories” in 1977. After a long hiatus slaving away at a day job, she’s back in the saddle and has performed at Dixon Place with her own full-length show “Gerrification” in 2009 and 2010, Chantal’s House of Shame in Berlin, Cafe Five15 in Detroit, the Slipper Room, Peepshow Burlesque at Paddy Reilly’s, Sex Worker Literati at Happy Ending, the Inner Beauty Parlor curated by Joseph Keckler at Envoy Gallery, the Sex Worker Literati Series at Happy Ending. Visco’s not just some bleached blonde empty headed nightlife personality and performer, she has real world credentials. In 2005, Visco earned an MS in Journalism from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism; in 1990 an MFA in Writing from Columbia’s School of the Arts; in 1987 a BA from Columbia’s School of General Studies; in 1980 an AAS in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from Fashion Institute of Technology. She also attended the French Culinary Institute and is a certified yoga teacher in training from the Iyengar Institute in NYC. Although one of the main goals of Gerrification is to eradicate work and she proposes no more 9-5 but 2-7, she’s had numerous jobs as editor, actor, secretary, model, teacher, and currently work as an administrator at an institution of higher learning. Visco is currently writing a tell-all memoir about her colorful life as muse, FIT student, actor, fag hag, rent girl, and disco diva in the gritty glamorous world of New York City during the 1970s and 1980s. Her current projects include Gerrification, a global effort designed to bring joy and beauty to America and the world. Everyone needs a makeover. Far better than Paxil or Prozac, dressing like Gerry will improve your mood and your life just by being photographed donning her signature platinum wig, cat-eye glasses, and a fabulous outfit. In “Show Me Your Outfit,” Gerry Visco presents a slide show and narrative of the many looks and outfits she wore during her times as a fag hag and rent girl during the gritty glamorous world of New York City during the 1970s and 1980s. She portrays diverse characters in her burlesque act including Miss Juicy Geraldine, an 85-year-old who’s written a manifesto advocating sexual freedom for senior citizens, demanding better porno DVDs in the nursing homes and Medicaid paying for free sex toys for the elderly, a homeless crippled junkie, a nasty Santa Claus, Sister Geraldine, a nun with a scandalous side, and a construction worker/painter who likes to strip. You need to improve your life and join the Gerry Party. Let GERRY into your life! Version 1, edited by GerryVisco on 16 March 2011, 6:12am | View version history

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