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8 Ball Radio Show New York on January 22, 2017 [74 min]

8ball radio show with Anthony Horne

PLOT: An important show.. real history told by real people.. history that needs to be saved and heard.. Original B-Boy and Zulu Charlie Rock who hails from the 22cd division of the Black Spades up on Gun Hill road in the Bronx.. He talks about how the Black Spades evolved and became the Zulu Nation..He talks about Disco King Mario and the founding Spade chapter sat Bronxdale Housing project which was known as Chuck City… or where the day leads us.

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Joanne Sewell Santa Cruz | great conversation, so riddled with all of our history's that much of started with this man, really interesting! The end comparison of Roy Innes's funeral compared to Ana Nicole Smiths funeral speaks volumes.

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The Universal Zulu Nation is an international hip hop awareness group formed and formerly headed by hip hop artist Afrika Bambaataa. They strongly promote that Hip-Hop was created to provide 'peace, love, unity and having fun' for those in the ghetto, and eventually onward to all those supportive of the culture.

Originally known simply as the Organization, it arose in the 1970s as the reformed New York City gang the Black Spades, a street gang from South Bronx. While the Black Spades were the base of the organization, other reformed gangs contributed additional members, notably the Savage Nomads, Seven Immortals, and Savage Skulls, among others.[2] Members began to organize cultural events for youths, combining local dance and music movements into what would become known as the various elements of hip hop culture.

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