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8 Ball Radio Show New York on January 18, 2017 [119 min]

8ball radio show with New York Nico

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ABOUT NEW YORK NICO: New York Nico is on a life-long Odyssey to watch every New York Film ever made. You might know documentary filmmaker and native New Yorker Nicolas Heller from his thriving Instagram account @newyorknico. The self-professed talent scout of New York, his page is comprised mostly of clips documenting the city’s most original characters, many of whom greet him with a genial “get the fuck outta here.” Despite the slick and often irreverent nature of his page, Nico has a real empathy for the subjects he portrays, and his longer-form projects—most notably Big Mike Takes Lunch, a cinematic tribute to Astor Place Hairstylists’ Michael Salviello—are rendered with humanity and a nostalgia for a bygone New York City. Nico’s latest project is a separate account, aptly named @notnotnewyorknico, dedicated to ranking every New York movie ever made, complete with a thumbnail and meta-score. Of course, a list this comprehensive is sure to draw ire from the would-be critics of Instagram, a fact of which Nico is very much aware. “This is all super subjective,” he tells me. “I’m not the god of New York cinema. I’m just one person with an opinion.” Nico caught up Interview on his first batch of films—the good, the bad, and the criminally overrated. more

TAGGED: Heller Films + SideWalk Club + YouTube Channel + Meet Nicolas Heller + New York Nico’s guide for surviving straphangers’ rude subway behavior

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