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8 Ball Radio Show New York on December 13, 2016 [93 min]

8ball radio show with Leonard Abrams
The East Village Eye staff circa 1985, courtesy of Leonard Abrams

ABOUT LEONARD ABRAMS: The East Village Eye was a cultural magazine, published by editor-in-chief Leonard Abrams, in circulation from May, 1979 until January, 1987. Based in the East Village section of New York City, the publication covered a range of locally focused topics, including art, politics and gentrification.[1] The East Village Eye, colloquially referred to as The Eye, covered topics such as the emergence of punk rock, hip-hop and fashion as fringe pop culture, as well as the burgeoning art and nightlife scenes that highlighted NYC's East Village neighborhood during the 1980s.[2] The paper represented a confluence of popular culture, leftist politics and the artistically innovative. more

Alexander Rubchenko: An Interview with Leonard Abrams, in: Jews: A Peoples History of the Lower East Side, Vol. 2, p. 284-295, New York 2012
The East Village Eye: Where Art, Hip Hop, and Punk Collided By Tiernan Morgan, in: HYPERALLERGIC on November 12, 2014

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