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8 Ball Radio Show New York on December 12, 2016 [67 min]

8ball radio show with Leonard Abrams

WENDY SCRIPPS was born in the Bay Area of California, but moved to Manhattan in 1982. Her mother, a Brooklyn native, told Wendy she was born to be a New Yorker. "Once I got to New York, I knew that was where I was supposed to be," says Scripps. "It fit like a glove." Scripps’ parents were both active in the art communities. Her mother was a dancer, well ahead of her time. She was a Martha Graham dancer and the first to teach the art of Bharatanatyam (an ancient Indian dance) in America. Scripps’ father was active in the theater community doing stage design, but also loved rock n'roll music. He began taking Scripps to rock n'roll shows at a young age.
Scripps’ father urged her to be active in the rock n'roll community. “I was bartending and doing security and working in illegal after-hours. My father kept on saying "˜We should buy you a club". Although she liked the idea, she didn't want to get into the headache of having her own club, dealing with things like a liquor license, staff, and overhead. Instead, she decided to start promoting her own shows. And so, Wendigo Productions was born.
"We are sticking to local bands," says Scripps of the company. "We want to get their faces out there and we invite people in the industry so they can come out and see the bands play so they can get possibly get out there and signed." Scripps has worked with bands like Killcode, who have since gone on to play arena shows and will be opening for KISS in a couple of weeks. She is currently focusing on New York band Ten Ton Mojo, hoping they will be the next band Wendigo Productions launches.more

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