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ALOIA, Robert: The Outlaw Spirit of Clayton Patterson, interview; mass appeal Magazine,
      New York, April 3, 2016.

AMEEN, Taji: [video] Taji's Mahal - Clayton Patterson's Lower East Side, Vice Magazine,
      New York, September 11, 2012.

— : Clayton Patterson and the History of Tattooing in NYC, in: Vice Magazine,
      New York, March 9, 2013.

— : Taji's Mahal - Wildstyle with Clayton Patterson, in: Vice Magazine,
      New York, June 2013.

BRAUNSTEIN, Stuart: [video] Interview with artist Clayton Patterson about the history
      of street culture in the L.E.S.
NEW YORK NATIVES, March 8, 2013.

BULLETT: [video] Clayton Patterson's hand on the history of New York's Lower East Side,, New York, July 15, 2011

CANTOR, Paul: Meet Clayton Patterson, One of New York’s Most Iconic Street Photographers,
      New York, January 23, 2015

CHANNER, Harold H.: [video] Conversation with Clayton Patterson,
      Television Systems Manhattan, Time Warner and RCN, New York, May 10, 2016.

— : [video] Conversation with Clayton Patterson, Cable Television System in Manhattan,
      Time Warner and RCN, New York, January 26, 2010.

— : [video] Conversation with Clayton Patterson, Cable Television Systems in Manhattan,
      Time Warner and RCN, New York, August 26, 2008.

— : [video] Conversation with Clayton Patterson, Cable Television Systems in Manhattan,
      Time Warner and RCN, New York, April 13, 2004.

DAVIS, Josh: Recalling a couple's activism with Clayton Patterson, NYTimes, July 15, 2011
DRASKOCZY, Micha: [video] Here's the thing: Clayton Patterson photographer,
      Royal Flash Festival, New York, October 26, 2010.

ELZWEIG, Matt: Question & Answer with Clayton Patterson, adowntownreporter.blogspot,
      New York, June 25, 2007.

ENGLISH, Ron: [video] The Howdy Neighbor Show, Interview with Clayton Patterson,
      directed by Sri Daryl Grant, youtube video, New York, January 16, 2011.

GALINSKY: Featuring Clayton Patterson's Episode #8, The STAGE Network war live.
       New York, April 27, 2020.

GALPERINA, Narina: I Should Have Shot That: Clayton Patterson's Bloodless Bullet Hole,
      Animals, New York, July 2, 2012.

GENRE, Anne-Cécile: Clayton Patterson: Bitte lächeln, Sie sind im Bild, Tracks, arte-TV,
      Straßburg, on air February 13, 2016.

GRAYSON, Kathy: Clayton Patterson, Tracks, arte-TV, The Journal Magazine, New York 2008.

HEATH, Simon J.: [video] Ten Talk New York, New York, January 10, 2014.

INSLEE, Jack: [audio] Gunwash - Episode 3: Clayton Patterson, Heritage Radio Network,
      Brooklyn,August 24, 2011.

KNIGHT, Julia: Do you know the Mosaic Man who lives on Astor Place?,
      Whitehot Magazine, New York, January 2008.

LEWIS, Steve: Clayton Patterson & 'Captured'., Mar 20,
      New York, 2009

LIPPY, Tod: Clayton Patterson: Pyramid Portraits. Esopus Foundation, New York 2010.
LISENCO, Sam: [video] Talkshow Episode 3: Clayton Patterson. Red Bucket Films,
      November 11, New York, 2009.

MAHARRY, Lindsay: Clayton Patterson on the LES then and now. May 17th,
      New York 2012.

MCLAREN, Christine: [video] Meet the Insider of the Outsiders. BMW Guggenheim
      Lab Blog, August 30th, New York 2011.

MOSS, Michael D.: [video] NYC is Pricing Me Out of My Home- P.O.V. HOMELESS in NYC.
      December 15th, New York 2007.

NEE, Shawn: Talking to Photographer Clayton Patterson, boywithgrenadeblog, New York,
      April 28, 2010.

O'BRIEN, Maureen: Clayton Patterson's Lower East Side, alldayeveryday, New York,
      January 13, 2014.

ROSATI, Lauren: Conversation with Clayton Patterson. December 3rd, New York 2009.

SAINT-GILLES, Philippe: [video] NY Confidential, New York forever, Arte TV documentary
      Germany, September 11, 2011.

SODDERLAND, Lotje: Clayton Patterson - Interview., Sep 30,
      New York 2009.

SULLIVAN, Nelson: Going to see Clayton Pattwerson on Essex Street. Youtube, March 30,
      New York 2011.

SWANSON, Joe: [audio] Interview with Clayton Patterson,, New York,
      December 23, 2008.

TROY, Suzannah B.: [video] Clayton Patterson can't wait to go to see Oliver Stone's "W",
      New York, 2008.

— : [video] Clayton Patterson on Mayor Bloomberg, New York, 2008.
— : [video] Interview with Clayton Patterson on the soon to be released Captured,
      New York, February 20, 2009.

— : [video] Interview with Clayton Patterson on Bloomberg's billions Note "no third poster"
      behind him in window
, New York, April 14, 2009.

— : [video] Clayton Patterson the Big Daddy of Filming Cops, New York Jan 25, 2017.

VAS, Aramie Louisville: Interview with the In-Depth Legend: Clayton Patterson.
      Gonzo Today Magazine, Louisville, Kentucky, Dec 28, 2015.

VISCO, Gerry: Gerry's interview with Clayton Patterson. WKCR FM 89.9, New York,
      Vol. 20, no. 17, Sept 7-13, New York, 2007.

— : Gerry's interview with Clayton Patterson. New York, 2014.

WOJCIECHOWSKI, Piotr, and BARANY, Les: The Art of Resistance, Interview, Tatuaz,
      Polish Magazine, August 2015.

WOLFE, Oscar: Clayton Patterson, Interview, Leisure Only, New York City, Nov 28, 2011.

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