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Lower East Side REPRESENT ft. Clayton Patterson
by Sergio Chicon
published at youtube on July 20, 2021


PLOT: This week Sergio is joined by NYC photographer, historian and artist, Clayton Patterson. Clayton shares stories of the Lower East Side from his famed studio at 161 Essex where he took pictures thousands of people at his store front, his collaboration with graffiti artists, the Tompkins Square Park riots, the punk scene, gentrification, LES drug dealers, artists and characters that make life and the history of the LES so rich. It’s a great episode with an authentic slice of New York City history.

ABOUT SERGIO CHICON: Born and raised in the Lower East Side, I’m a father, comic, fighter, personal trainer, student of life and creator of #DBSpodcast. Use this site to learn about boxing training, listen to my podcast and connect with my comedy and get in touch. more


PUDDiN TAiNE: So glad there are people like Clayton that document and preserve these little parts of history, and that y'all are friends. Everybody, check out his documentary on Vice's channel.
Sergio Chicon Shows: You’re the best!
N H D Y Z: This podcast is truly a blessing, much love from Montréal
sean cov: I saw this guys vice doc a few days back. This is a dope look Serg. I hope that after y’all took that jail pose picture with the half-a-pit bull that you proceeded to write BLIZZYONER on the door behind you.
Why Not Care: Yeaaaaaaaa lolol Loved painting murals next to his door and having long talks with him.
I_Love_You: NYC legend. This is right.
Sergio Chicon Shows: For sure!
DollarBillWill$: Hey Sergio, is the poultry place you was talking about next to papicito?
Sergio Chicon Shows: Yes, i believe so. On Delancey right under the Williamsburg bridge.