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The STAGE Network war live
New York on April 27, 2020 | video 49'17 min

Clayton Patterson“The times call for a more personal and less hype-driven talk show, and Galinsky seems to have the answer with his provocative yet comforting 10pm variety vehicle.” - Judith Regan, Publisher, Producer, Regan Arts | Guest: Clayton Patterson - Outlaw Documentarian of NYC Unrest
Clayton Patterson is a Lower East Side outlaw artist, rebel, photographer, infamous documentarist of riots, anarchists, squatters, graffiti and tattoo artists, skaters, poets, pinks, leathered rockin' rollers, skinheads, Santeria priests and the ignored, abused, and broken.
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About GalinskyABOUT GALINSKY: "10pm With Galinsky" is a new, thirty-minute talk-variety show hosted by artist, performer, activist Robert Galinsky broadcasting live from his East Village NYC studio. Five nights a week, Galinsky interviews award-winning newsmakers, humanitarians, celebrities, and exceptional people doing extraordinary things. The casual conversation format is underscored by an enthusiastic and highly interactive audience via live chat.
New episodes stream daily, Monday through Friday, at 10pm EST.
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