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Directed by Philippe Saint-Gilles | video 42 min
Documentary in German by arte tv | Baden-Baden
On air Septemper 11, 2011 at 2:05 pm

PLOT: Manhattan stands for all positive like negative superlatives. Particularly clenched it unites the "Downtown" - all quarters are meant in the south of the town. The south point Manhattans was the first drop-in centre of the successive migrant's streams which quarters stamped like Little Italy and Chinatown and took up as a countermove influence from the neighborhood. As a cradle of the counter-culture of the 60s originated in Manhattan an avant-garde music and art scene which rebellious mind - the so-called mind of "Downtown" - left never again the quarter.

Nevertheless, 10 years after the 11th of September has changed Downtown: The architect's advertisings to lend a new face to the Wall Street quarter are numerous. Places like the former slaughter-house quarter "Meatpacking" have become, in the meantime, hip Locations with announced restaurants for yuppies and trendy audience. Will "New Downtown" be in future only a pleasure quarter for property-earning?

ZUSAMMENFASSUNG: Manhattan steht für alle positiven wie negativen Superlative. Besonders geballt vereint sie das "Downtown" - gemeint sind alle Viertel im Süden der Stadt. Die Südspitze Manhattans war die erste Anlaufstelle der aufeinanderfolgenden Migrantenströme, die Viertel wie Little Italy und Chinatown prägten und im Gegenzug Einfl�sse aus der Nachbarschaft aufnahmen. Als Wiege der Gegenkultur der 60er Jahre entstand in Manhattan eine avantgardistische Musik- und Kunstszene, deren rebellischer Geist - der sogenannte "Downtown"-Geist - das Viertel nie wieder verließ.

Zehn Jahre nach dem 11. September hat sich Downtown jedoch verändert: Die Architektenausschreibungen, um dem Wall-Street-Viertel ein neues Gesicht zu verleihen, sind zahlreich. Orte wie das ehemalige Schlachthausviertel "Meatpacking" sind inzwischen hippe Locations mit angesagten Restaurants für Yuppies und trendiges Publikum geworden. Wird das "New Downtown" künftig nur noch Vergnügungsviertel für Gutverdienende sein?

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ABOUT ARTE TV: Born of a Franco-German partnership, ARTE is non-commercial and receives 95% of its funding from TV licence fees in both countries. ARTE is made up of three units: ARTE GEIE, the headquarters in Strasbourg, is responsible for programming and transmission, while the French and German members, ARTE France in Paris and ARTE Deutschland in Baden-Baden, provide most of the programmes.

Creating a television channel for two audiences was a first in television history and is still an exception in the global TV market today. Since its creation, ARTE has been committed to cultural diversity and multilingualism, convinced that better circulation of European broadcast content can make a considerable contribution to European cultural integration. All programmes go out in French and German. A range of programmes are also available with English, Spanish, Polish and soon Italian subtitles.