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GUNWASH | Episode 3: Clayton Patterson
Heritage Radio Network | Bushwick, Brooklyn
First aired on August 24, 2011 | 48 min
Hosted by AARON | Produced by Ducksworth | Engineered by Jack Inslee

Clayton Patterson

Filmmaker and hatter Clayton Patterson stops by Gunwash to discuss his new film, the lower east side, HollaBackTV and, most importantly, guns. A caller inquires about Rick Perry and concealed handguns; Wreck jumps in. Spliff gets nice with the blizzard drop.

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ABOUT GUNWASH: Welcome to Gunwash, a conversation for the socially gifted. Join design personality and iconographer Aaron with the help of a unique international design community and a lovable cast of characters, as he discusses the wild breadth of subject matter that helps him define his world of design. — Design, typography, astrophysics, dancehall reggae, conspiracy theories, illustration, drums, nuclear engineering, disco, Polo Ralph Lauren, crime, the 1990's, iconography, iced coffee, late night downtown, drummers, Byzantine art, Air Jordans, micro biology, African fuzz rock, 2nd Street, barbour jackets, exo-politics, guitars, beer, Japanese magazines, Southhampton, turntables, MK ultra, comic books, Miami, Arthur Russel, fly fishing, pirate radio, user interface graphics, ebonics, the water crisis, Americana, wine, silkscreens, bikes, Grateful dead, goo balls, red wing boots, soca music, photoshop, cognitive behavioral therapy, KISS, local farming, talk radio, patois, and of course Brooklyn. — As per usual the Infamous sound killing selection artist, and fellow illustrator, Herbert Spliffington, brings the vibes. Each set is an array of rare and unique sounds.

ABOUT HERITAGE RADIO NETWORK: The Radio Network was started in March of 2009 by Patrick Martins and Heritage Foods USA. Built into two re-purposed shipping containers, the station is located in the back garden of Roberta's Restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Our shows are broadcast live, and subsequently archived on our website where they can be downloaded as podcasts or RSS feeds. The content on Heritage Radio Network is absolutely unique, no other broadcast medium is offering the range of subject matter, or the depth of interest in matters of vital importance to every day living. Our network is supported by a variety of sponsors including Hearst Ranch, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, Fairway Market,, Cain Vineyard & Winery, Whole Foods Market, Roberta's & Savorian Wines.

ABOUT JACK INSLEE: He is a graduate of New York University's Music Technology program and has worked in sound and recording since he was 12 years old. After meeting Patrick Martins, his diet and appreciation for good food has improved drastically. He is the co-founder of Full Service and Fancy Restaurant Records. In his spare time, Jack produces and performs as one half of the electronic music duo Knifeshow. He is also a die-hard Knicks fan. Jack has been with since the Summer of 2009.