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ROYAL FLASH FESTIVAL NYC | Directed by Miska Draskoczy | video 4:57 min
in: Cinema5D | The Forum for DSLR Filmmakers | New York City
October 26, 2010


Here's the Thing | Ep. 13 | Shot on a Photographer and activist Clayton Patterson shares some of his vast archive of Lower East Side media and history, the camera that shot the Thompson Square Park police riot, LA2's significance as Keith Haring’s collaborator, and his backup plan to win Mega Millions.

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ABOUT MISKA DRASKOCZY: He moved to NYC in the late nineties to co-found and art direct the media ruse NATOarts, a conceptual arts organization purporting to be funded by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In the spring of 2001, the federal government of Switzerland brought "NATOarts: A Retrospective" to Geneva where it was exhibited for an eight-week run. Turning his efforts to film and animation, Miska directed several shorts including Golf Xpress, a short film about a psychotic golf pro (TromaDance, Best of Denver Underground Fest), and Perfect Heat, a surreal sci-fi film about anxiety (20+ festivals including SF IndieFest, Fantastic Fest, Cinequest, LA Shorts Fest). His latest film is the Rubik's Cube art video The Trick (Fantasia Fest). Miska's work has been profiled in ARTnews, i-D, UK Esquire, Wired, New York Press, and SHIFT among others. His first documentary project, Here's the Thing..., is a web series which profiles people through pictures of objects in their home and has reached over 275,000 views. In 2002 Miska founded the production company snow23 where he has accumulated extensive experience in design and post production pursuing client projects as a director, FX artist, editor and animator.