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Interview by JOE SWANSON | New York | December 23, 2008 | 33:42 min

Joe Swanson portraitJoe Swanson here with a great interview I did with History and Artist Clayton Patterson about the history of tattooing in New York and the New York Tattoo Society meetings!

In this interview Clayton talks about the following:
1. His history of documenting the Lower East Side.
2. How the New York Tattoo Society came to be.
3. His upcoming book about the New York Tattoo Society and his continued effort to expose the real truths about tattoo history!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR JOE SWANSON: Hey Everybody, I’m Joe Swanson and have been a professional tattoo artist for going on 13 years.  I founded to create an environment for both tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo professionals to share information between each other, and to spotlight some of the best artist in the industry. I started tattooing in 1997 in Monterey, CA at Gold Coast Tattoo under Steve Hendricks. I started in 2008 to help create an ethical open forum and community for professional tattoo artist to gain and share information, and for the tattoo enthusiasts to have a welcoming place to access quality up to date multi-media information about the tattoo industry.

With regard to tattooing and art I strive to learn something new everyday to improve my skill. In my business projects, specifically this website, I make every effort to promote the ethics and morals Steve Hendricks taught me just over 12 years ago, and continue to see in many of the tattoo artist I have contact with today.