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Ron English's interview with Clayton Patterson
New York 1998 | video 21:57 min

The Howdy Neighbor Show : Second Show: Ron English interviews Clayton Patterson, Art Director from the great movie titled "Shadows of the City". The Howdy Neighbor Show was a Public Access Show, Owned, Produced and Directed by Sri Daryl Grant. | Source:

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Ron English portrait | info ABOUT THE AUTHOR RON ENGLISH: He is the New Jersey artist who merged the mugs of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama into one of the most iconic images of the 2008 presidential campaign. He’s also known for “liberating” corporate billboards with his own provocative anti-smoking, corporate-bunking, and progressive political messages. Born in Texas in 1966, English is a radical supporter of free speech and social equality. As a world-renown artist, a musician, political activist and father of two, he’s both a controversial character and model citizen.